Are people a result of their environment, not their genes?

  • Yes people are a result of their environment.

    People are more a result of their environment then they are their genes. You raise a kid in a home full of violence and all they grow up to know is violence, that is most likely how they will turn out in the future as that is what they witnessed and processed as a child to be o.k. in nature.

  • People influenced by environment

    People change during their life
    - Mentors or friends in childhood that gives great change in life
    - Example: Steve Jobs, the king of electronics, had started studying by his significant mentor, which was his homeroom teacher, Imogene Teddy Hill.
    - People change, because they get influenced during their life

  • No, it is both.

    When it comes to people the genes and environment both play a key role, it is not one or the other. The genes might help to determine how they react to situations, or what type of food they like, but the environment will cater them to how they grow and evolve.

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