• Yes people are addicting to it

    Social media is very addicting. My sister is always on social media in the car and ignores me. It can be any thing like Instagram, snapchat or musical.Ly. It is so addicting she gets zoned out and who knows you can be hacked or cyber bullied. This is why you should not be on social media

  • People are addicted to social media networks.

    People are very much addicted to social media networks. This is because of the fact that many people can be observed visiting social media sites or platforms when they really shouldn't be. This shows addictive behavior of people towards these sites. Many people are hooked on using social media networks.

  • Yes there are many addicted

    There are clearly people who are addicted to social media networks. People spend all day updating and reading statuses. With that said there could be a lot worse things to be addicted to. Addiction is never healthy but when put into perspective a social media network addiction is not that bad.

  • Some people are addicted to the attention they receive on social media networks

    The attention people receive on social media networks can be very addicting and cause them to become more and more addicted to this attention. Then they spend more and more time on various social media outlets trying to get more attention. Gradually people start posting status' about their dinners, their bowel movements, their kids bowel movements, the neighbor's dog's bowel movements and the weather. Eventually they can no longer make a move without telling every possible social media outlet in order to keep their "fans" informed of their lives. It's a tragedy but everyone will know about it.

  • People Addicted to Social Media

    In various ways, people truly are addicted to social media and can't get enough of it. These individuals spend nearly every waking moment glued to Facebook on their laptop or phone. With that in mind, social media networks are useful, but some people take their use way too far and waste their lives away.

  • Yes. People cannot function without daily social media.

    Yes. There is no doubt that people appear to have developed an addiction to their social media network of choice. Whether it is Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr or something similar, people have proven that they are addicted to checking these social networks on a daily basis. Social networks have even become the new preferred method of communication for some people.

  • People are spending several hours a day on social media

    Given the fact that one or two new social networks seem to spring up every year, there is definitely the possibility for addiction. Young people can spend hours and hours of their day on social media and this could interfere with their normal everyday lives. People have a tendency to overshare and post things which cold have negative consequences. People should not spend more than an hour a day on social media. It can encite feelings of jealousy or cause depression because people think they are not living as exciting a life as their friends.

  • There is no such thing as a social media addiction.

    That's like asking if people are addicted to talking to their friends. Social networking is just a more advanced way of keeping in touch with all of your friends. There's no addiction present here, just a greater desire to keep in touch with people because it's now possible. Being friendly shouldn't be a bad thing.

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