Are people against abortion pro-life (yes) or pro-birth (no)?

Asked by: HJSDGCE
  • Abortion is Simply Wrong

    It was your choice to have sexual intercourse with another person. If you're pregnant, that's not the baby's fault. That's YOURS. Also, very few abortions actually happen because the woman was raped but even then, why? Adoption is a much more reasonable alternative instead of abortion if you were raped. What bothers me the most is that some abortions occur because of gender or the mother thinks the baby will have a bad future. That's simply stupid reasons to have an abortion.

  • People paint a lot of pictures, but...

    The reality is, pro-life people are painted as anti woman, but are actually anti murder from their perspective. Pro choice people are painted as pro murder, when they are really pro-women's rights.

    To be honest, I think if the point was made that we are all okay with abortion in the context of threat to the mother's life, the rest of the debate would likely die out into relatively small factions. Most pro-life people are against abortion because they see it as murder, an emphasis on promiscuity and poor decision making, and a myriad of other social impacts.

    So many bad arguments on both sides, though. God doesn't want you to do it? What if you don't agree, or don't believe in god? You don't care about women, and want to subjugate them! No, being for one person's rights, and trying to keep you from violating those rights, is not an attempt to oppress you.

  • It;s about the murder aspect

    People who are Pro-life view the fetus as a human being that deserves rights. They believe they are protecting humans from murder. It's a difference in philosophy. Everybody would be fine with abortion if we all agreed that the child isn't really human until it comes out of the womb. But that's not the case. They believe the human rights should start at the moment of conception.

  • Stop the murder now!

    Abortion is the silent death in America! It must end and we must all come together to stop this murder! Abortion is killing innocent babies in the womb! In the case of rape hello! Adoption people! Better doing that then killing it! Mine as well shoot your kids if you support abortion!

  • Abortion is Wrong

    I've learned that there are two main questions to ask on this issue: Do human beings have intrinsic value? Is the fetus a human being? It is safe to say that the fetus is a human being. It is hard to argue against the fact that life begins at conception. So, do humans have intrinsic value? Again, it is hard to argue that humans are not intrinsic. Human beings are not extrinsic, like money, and cannot/should not be used and disposed of. Hopefully any person would agree with that. Therefore, when looking at this issue from an objective/non-biased point-of-view, we can conclude that abortion is killing human life and is wrong. Personally, I believe that the option for abortion should only be available when the mother's life is in danger, which is actually very rare. I do understand, however, that this is not an easy decision for a woman to make. I understand that it is hard for a woman in a situation, like rape, to keep the baby. Her body feels violated and now she has to keep a child she did not want. But I must ask: Why should we punish an innocent being for another's action? I forget who said it but I always remember a quote when I think about this issue. "Do not look at the fetus as a potential human, but rather a human with potential."

  • Abotion is murder

    Most abortions are performed 13 to 19 weeks into pregnency. By ten weeks the baby has already grown a heart, they can feel the whole thing. You might think its the womons choice because its their body, but now they share a body with a baby. I do belive it should be illeagle to an extent. It should be legal from 2 to 8 weeks in, or in other case if they are raped it should be legal for the whole pregnancy. If you don want it give it up for adoption but dont kill it. Murder is murder. Just think of it as a conjoined twin. Would you kill your conjoined twil if you also had the option to have it seperated from you and given to a good home. Yes it would hurt a lot, but it wont take too long and you will know you r not a murderer

  • Abortion needs to be legal.

    Do not see it as murder, see it as the choice of a woman. Women need to have the freedom of choosing what to do with their bodies. The fetus could be unwanted or a product of a sexual assault. The woman might be unable to give the child the care and resources they need to grow up to be a well functioning human being. Putting the child up for adoption would take numerous years for the child to actually get adopted. In the meantime, this can affect their mental well being and cause depression or other mental illnesses. This would be putting the child's mental and physical health in danger and because of the lack of care, they might not have the same opportunities as others.
    Thus, it is better for the woman to have the choose to do with their own bodies, and not for other people to tell them what to do, especially since it's not their life to live and they won't experience the same hardships.

  • Abortion needs to be legal.

    Women need to have the choice of what to do with their bodies. If the fetus is unwanted and/or a product of a sexual assault, the woman needs to have the choice to be able to abort the fetus. The baby might not be taken cared of properly because of lack or resources or any other reason. Putting a baby up for adoption is not as easy as it seems. The child could go through a number of years not getting adopted, not being taken cared of properly, and having a toll taken onto their mental health.
    Thus, it is better for women to have the choice of abortion.

  • Abortion should be legal

    Two main reasons:
    1. Freedom of women with their bodies
    2. If someone wants an abortion, they probably don't care much for the kid, and the kid's life would suck.

    That being said, I understand why people are against it. I don't consider it murder if it's before the point in time in which they begin to develop to feel pain or anything like that, but it's not like I want abortions to have to occur. My preferred method is to improve sex-ed and stuff to make sure it occurs as little as possible, without actually infringing too much on womens' lives.

  • It is not murder

    Whilst there is a clear argument that there is life and the act of an abortion is killing, it cannot be murder as there is such a narrow definition of what is in fact human. On a social level, what makes us different from other animals is our vast ability to learn and adapt our personalities and intelligence, truly making us one of the most intelligent species on the planet. Whilst in the womb, the fetus is purely growing on a biological level, it has not had the experience of human thought to make it a human being. As a result, the ending of its life is not something to be seen as murder. Whilst it is agreed that the fetus is alive, it cannot be defined as a human being. It is no different to stepping on a snail outside your house, or swatting a fly. It is fairly easy to compare the life of a fetus to that of a leach, as it absorbs nutrients from the mother and leaves her in pain, and struggling to complete every day activities. If a person wants this burden removed, they have every right to do so.

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