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  • No. People are inherently selfish.

    People are not basically good. For the most part, Humans are selfish beings. Take babies for example. Babies are innocent, But not good. Nobody is born “good”. We can learn to help others and to become more selfless, But at the end of the day, People are only looking out for themselves. Sure, If you’re married, Have a family, Etc. You’re going to also care about them. (Hopefully) but that still doesn’t address the fact that your own safety and well being, Is what comes first in most peoples minds. And this is perfectly natural! It is a completely rational and appropriate thing to carefully observe your own well being. But again, At the end of the day people only care about themselves.

  • Humans are, By nature, Evil

    At the very start, We are born good. However, As we mature, Our nature does too, And it becomes clear that our nature is only to aid ourselves, And only improve ourselves. By nature, Humans are prideful creatures, We don't really care about others. We are taught evil, And produce evil. We will always produce more and more evil, It would never end.

  • Nope. Absolutely not

    No, Our actions, Hurting the world. ANimals and our environment is the key people! Watch what you do and it KINDA gives it away. We need to watch and learn. Nobody is born "Good" its just not the way it works. People only look out for themselves. I mean, Sur if you are married, Go have a family, Ect ect, U are going to care for them. But still. ACTIONS

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