Are people becoming less hardworking now that they seem too reliable to technology?

Asked by: Archangel12
  • Technology is slowly killing us!

    People think that technology is all good. I don't quite agree with that. Technology provides us with a reason to sit on the couch all day and do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Television, cell phones, and new machines to make food all contribute to this. Our new and easy ways to make food keep us going back for more, and the human race is getting more and more obese.

  • I believe it's a yes in physical terms, but in some field, it's no.

    Today is digital age, or more advanced. People use calculator instead of manual calculations done in papers. People access the internet instead of preparing their dress or suits and going to the nearest library. People use cars, buses, taxis and trains for transportation instead of walking, running or using bicycles. Anyway, this is my first time in posting question. I DID NOT know that I would be answering my own question since I was expecting that my fellow members, not me, would answer my question. Don't get me wrong also, I like technology, I read a lot of articles about gadgets, devices, and hardware, it's a great innovation for mankind, but there must be cons and pros for everything.

  • Technology Is Everywhere

    Almost every one has some type of technology that they use every day. And most people can't even leave home without it. Younger kids are now getting cell phones and tablets and have become dependent on them. Adult are getting jobs online instead going out and finding one. They sit at home rely on the computer to do what they want to do instead of actually going to do it. More and more people are shopping online then rather going out to the store to get something.

  • No, not necessarily a result of technology

    I do believe that people, at least Americans, are becoming less hardworking. I don't attribute this to technology, although I concede that technology may have some negative influences. I attribute the trend to a more general change is our views on the value of having good work ethic. I regard this as a very dangerous trend but I believe we would still see it, even without the influences of technology. Technology has provided valuable tools for education, science, industry, and individuals. Responsible use of technology does not make us lazy.

  • Technology is a tool

    Technology is a tool, it is not killing us or anything of the sort. People that sit on their butt all day and play on a electronic device are the only ones at fault. Technology is a great thing for humanity, medicine and communications have improved greatly! Technology allows us to do more with less and provides jobs of all kinds.

  • No technology is just a tool.

    Technology is the best tool a human can have. We have everything we need to know in our computers this does not mean that we work less. We do as much work we did before but with less effort and difficulty. We rely on technology to make our work easier and not less. Therefore if our work becomes easier we are more productive.

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