• People Born Gay

    If people chose to be born gay then that means they chose to be ridiculed. People don't chose to be ridiculed therefore they cannot chose to be gay. For example animals don't have the mind to choose and there are many gay animals out there. People are born gay/straight. Ok.

  • Yes, I WAS!

    I'm a 22 year old woman. I have had a lot of experience with men and women. I have known since second grade that I have been interested in both genders. In second grade I had my first female crush and from then on continued to kiss and chase other females. I grew up in a home with only straight people; this was very hard for me (and still is). I chose to keep my sexual orientation a secret from most people, like family, because they bashed people who were not straight. I was born bisexual and have not been able to change that. Over time growing up, even into the beginning of my adulthood, being a victim of abuse has influenced me to feel more comfortable around other women. No one understands someone better than their own gender and I love women! I did not chose to be bisexual, but I am choosing to only date women instead of both genders because the abuse from men in my life have traumatized me. I used to dream about being able to marry a man or woman, but now I dream of marrying a woman (this may be partly because I've only been physically attracted to women). Men I used to only date because of an emotional or mental attraction. I feel more safe around other women and not as threatened as I do around men. I have had a couple great long relationships with guys who were not bad to me but I could not help but wish they were a woman. You know that feeling you get after you see a food or drink again that made you really sick before? Your mind looks at that food or drink and says "NO! I do not want to put myself in that position again!" I have always been girl crazy and love the presence , emotions, mind, heart, patience, and looks of a woman. I crave to be with a woman when I am single and to feel a woman hold me romantically. It can be really attractive how most women are so romantic, emotionally understanding, nurturing, nag sometimes because they care about you, and check up on you because they love your attention (don't forget how soft and beautiful their body and heart are)!

    - Rose

  • Yes, babies are born gay.

    A person can not choose whether they are straight or gay. A person is just born either gay or straight, they don't choose either they like men or female. It is something caused because of genetic disorders, it's normal. When a baby is born they are young they still don't know, but they are still born being either gay or straight. It it just at a specific age they can understand.

  • Yes, individuals are born gay.

    Anyone who has ever been in love has experienced uncontrollable physical responses. Your heart starts beating faster, your face might start to burn and turn red as your pupils dilate when your significant other walks into the room. If your body responds this way automatically when you are attracted to someone, then attraction is not a conscious thing you can control. You are attracted to someone before you are even consciously aware of it. Secondly, if being gay was a choice then gay conversion therapy would not make LGBT teens feel more suicidal and depressed after going through it. You can only repress it for so long.

  • Yes people are born gay

    I do not believe to be gay is a choice. Can a straight person choose to be attracted to the same sex even if they wanted to be? Of course not. So why do we think a gay person can be attracted to the opposite sex the same? No to be gay, to be straight, or even bi, is something given at birth, it is nothing we choose of our own accord, it simply is.

  • It is not a choice.

    I think that someone is born gay and doesn't have a choice. I think it is a biological thing that is developed and you can't change it even if you wanted. You can't choose to be gay or straight you just are and no matter what you try to do you can't change it in any way.

  • People are born gay

    I think that people are born gay because honestly, why would someone absolutely WANT to be gay? I personally think that when gay people are born they are naturally attracted to men. People who are gay have no choice but to be who they are. People choosing to be gay is like you being able to choose whether you want to be a male or a female.

  • From personal experience

    I think, we are born with tendencies that feel natural to us, that is why people like me think we are born this way because we've always felt like this since as long as we can remember. It does not seem like its a learned conduct, because its like when you try and olive for example you either like it or you dont, its not like you choose to like it or dislike it. Its based on your taste buds, not your mind, so in a way it seems like thats how the brain naturally wired, to feel that way...

  • Yes they are.

    Being homosexual doesn't change anything about someone, they are still normal human beings like everyone else. The fact that people judge them for something that isn't their choice is disgusting. Do you choose to be straight, or are you just attracted to the opposite sex? We don't choose to be gay, we are just attracted to the same sex. It's just our emotions, just like everyone else. With everyone saying how disgusting homosexuality is why would someone want to be gay? It feels horrible for everyone to hate you just because you love someone of the same sex. We don't choose to be hated, we just want to be able to love without others making us feel like we are doing something wrong. It's not a choice. We are just born the way we are.

  • Yes people are

    People are born gay because from an early age they know whether they like boys or girls. It is proved that there's is no gene what causes it but something inside of the boy or girl makes them change and like the same sex instead of the opposite sex.

  • No, it is a choice.

    This may not be a popular opinion but no one is born gay any more than anyone is born straight. If homosexuality is not a choice, than neither is being born straight. We star out asexual. As we grow older, our beliefs and environment shape us. If any nature is involved, it is a very small factor or other wise people would not go back and forth being gay and straight. Until proven otherwise, I see it as an excuse to promote homosexuality.

  • It's not a choice.

    I tried to become straight for three whole years through operant conditioning. All it lead to was an increase in suicidal thoughts and severe depression. I didn't choose to be attracted to a smaller portion of the population (other gay people of my gender) nor did I choose to be routinely stereotyped, called unnatural, a sinner, unclean, mentally ill, a pedophile, and so on. Why would I want that?

  • You CANNOT be born gay

    You cannot be born gay! In the Bible (Leviticus 18: 22): "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination." If people were meant to be born gay then the Lord would have said it is okay. He states also in Leviticus that man who lie with mankind shall be put to death. Therefore, it is not correct to say you can be born gay. Now a poor helpless child who is brought into this world and has to suffer growing up with parents of the same sex may end up turning out to be gay because that is all they know. But, babies develop the same in the womb. You are not born gay. Studies prove that all babies are the same. Influence can have a lot to say in your preference, but a baby who is born to gay parents that is taken and raised by straight parents will most likely turn out straight. It's not healthy to be gay. It should be a mental illness because it is a sin to be gay.

  • It is a choice

    Several studies were conducted to find the "gay gene". All inconclusive or failed, yet supporters of homosexuality will falsely use them to use them to support their agenda. 1)Levay study studied post mortem brains of people who died from AIDS, failed to study women, did not know orientation of subjects for sure. Similarities found flawed as they are highly likely to be all caused by AIDS. 2)Pillard and Bailey studied twins and siblings. Results show 52% identical twins, 22% fraternal, 11% adoptive, 9% non twin were homosexual. Identical twins share 100% DNA, yet results are only 52%, failed. Could have easily been nurture, not nature. Subjects were all recruited through homosexual publications and are a terrible representation of all of population. 3)If being gay is genetic, and they can not reproduce, how did this gene survive all this time? 4) If there is nothing wrong with being gay, why try to prove it's not their fault and they had no choice? 5) How do you explain people changing their sexual orientation throughout their lives?

    All of these lead to conclude that homosexuality is a choice. Biological reasons are a myth and propaganda.

  • No.

    It is a choice. What science proves it? If so, what is the probability for all babies being born every 8-10 seconds? I have a gay guy friend and his mother is married to a man, no she's not bisexual either. I have a best friend friend who is straight and her mom is gay. she shows no signs of homosexuality and if she was, she would've told me. It's just a choice in my eyes.

  • Not a chance

    No supporting scientific data. Being convinced that you are meant for the same sex... We werent made for that. How could homosexuals reproduce. Not natural for a child to be brought up with 2 moms or 2 dads, were NOT born that way. Yes maybe born with desires for same sex, but acting on it and being convinced thats who youre made for is just wrong. Not natural. Not right.

  • People cant be born gay!

    Cant be born gay because it is not genetic AT ALL, I have done plenty of research on it and none of the "Gay Gene" Rumors are true. It has been proven many of times. Don't get me wrong Im not against gay people or anything but its been proven at least more then 10 times that being born gay is not true.

  • God creates you so let yourself be loved by him.

    You may feel like you are born gay, but you are actually not. Babies are born naivie and New.
    You may have been gay from a young age but YOU weren't born gay. Sorry.
    God thinks everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Don't worry God loves you and so do people around you.
    Be the person who you are and not who you want to be.
    Be strong
    put on the armour of God and try to get over your problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help that helped
    yea anyways.

  • Then explain bisexuals...

    I truly believe that no one is born gay. A baby is not born gay, leaving the lifestyle of their parents, relatives and friends to sculpt what sexual orientation someone will elect to chose. Bisexuals can't decide if they are gay or heterosexual, this cannot be explained either. It is not a normal feeling to be gay.

  • Of course not.

    I find it sad anyone actually believes this. Liberals are turning homosexuality into a political agenda, trying to picture them as this oppressed group akin to how Africans were picture in the 1900's. There is no "Gay Gene", at best you are 'born' with more of an inclination either way.

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I believe people are born gay