• This has been proven with SCIENCE.

    This is really an argument about whether or not science exists. If you do not like the fact that this anomaly occurs in all types of life, then you simply have issues with reality and not with the fact that the anomaly happens to make people inclined to be gay or lesbian.

  • People are born gay

    People can not choose their sexual orientation. Just like you can’t choose your eye color, gender, or whether your hair is curly or straight, you can’t choose your sexual orientation either. For some reason people think whenever someone is a little bit different or they don’t meet society's idea of “normal”, than they must be messed up and need to be fixed. I also think that it is stupid when people think that being gay is a disorder, because it isn’t. Humans are the weirdest creatures, we tell people to be themselves but don’t accept it or like it when they are.
    Many people believe that individuals who say they are gay are just pretending to be gay. There are some people who know they are gay and wish they weren’t and some even pretend not to be. Homosexual behavior does not just occur in humans, it has been observed in over 478 animals, including penguins, domestic chickens, lions, and bottlenose dolphins. This proves that it isn’t fake, and we know that animals don’t have to worry about being judged and can be themselves.
    Some people believe that being gay comes from how you are raised. A youtuber that I watch, Tyler Oakley, is gay and he has siblings that are not gay. It didn’t come from how he was brought up because his siblings would have been gay too. People are born gay, being brought up a certain way doesn’t make you gay.
    A lot of people don’t want their children to be around gay people because they think it will make them gay. Yea, the same way seeing a lot black people will make you black, (that was sarcasm)! If seeing gay people made you gay everyone who watched tv or went on the internet would be gay. Connor Franta, another youtuber, said this in his coming out video; “For some reason my seventh grade year, I had this thought in the back of my head, what if I’m gay. And I was immediately so terrified. I’m from a small town in the midwest, that’s not a normal thing there...I’d only met a couple gay people in my life”. He had not met or been around a lot of people who are gay so clearly this isn’t what made him gay. I think that proves that homosexuality doesn’t come from seeing or being around other homosexuals.
    So basically what we have learned is that people need educate themselves before they complain about or judge something. I just want to say that everyone should be allowed to do what makes them happy, as long as they aren't hurting other people. Everyone should be happy to be themselves and should never have to hide any part of who they are. Sexual orientation isn't all of you it’s part of you. Race, gender, religion sexual orientation, no matter what parts of us are different we are all people.

  • There is no evidence to support claims against this.

    Any opposed to this assertion needs to look at two factors before they come to their ridiculous conclusions.
    1.) Attraction is not something one chooses. While someone may carry out a homosexual act, that does not make them homosexual. Many homosexuals attempt to carry out heterosexual acts. The fact of the matter is that Homosexuality is the sole attraction to members of the same sex. So, this leads me to ask anyone who opposes me one question: can you choose to be attracted to someone of the same gender?
    2.) If homosexuality were a choice, nearly 100% of homosexuals would chose to be heterosexual to avoid the endless persecution we’ve gone through.

  • To everyone who says no and is a heterosexual, were you born straight?

    This is to all the, now I'm not judging any one or trying to be rude, I'm a Christian myself. But I really just wanted this to be said, if you believe that everyone is born in to sin and believe that homosexuality is a sin how then can that be the reason you believe it is not true. I'm just saying you need to find another reason to not believe it, because your contradicting yourself. I believe there is a possibility that it could be true, now I am not nearly educated enough on this topic to say for sure if it is, or is not true. All that I know is that I am confused on why it matters. I don't care if your gay, straight, bisexual, Asexual, confused, it's not my job to judge you or to say how or how not you came to be the way you are. But I do believe that whoever you are, you deserve to be happy.(please excuse any grammar mistakes, grammar is not my strong suit.)

  • Not based on twin studies.

    Given that identical twins who develop in the same womb (exposed to the same hormones and all) with the same DNA often have different sexual preference logically I must conclude factors after birth effect human sexuality. I don’t know exactly what determines sexuality or if it is “a choice”. I suppose since some science seem to point to the idea that people don’t have free will maybe nothing is a choice so the question of whether or not it is a choice is meaningless.

  • Reason it out...

    Since heterosexuals are the only "orientation" that can reproduce homosexual offspring and homosexuality is the dominant "orientation", and the homosexual community is a minority then, homosexuality is a recessive trait. If homosexuality is a recessive trait, and recessive traits occur approx. 25% of the time then, there should be more homosexuals i.E., they should not be a minority. Now since homosexuality has been practiced for thousands of years, why aren't homosexuals more numerous in the world population if the trait is passed on (genetic) to children of heterosexual union(s)?

  • Being heterosexual or homosexual is a 'state of identity' that starts a long time before you are sexually active.

    I find this a fascinating subject and this could now be a long reply that rambles all over the place ~ hope you find it interesting.

    I am straight and have no inclination whatsoever towards being gay ("there is a little gay in all of us" just doesn't compute). I have quite a few gay friends and work colleagues that we sometimes discuss this with. The amazing thing that gets me is that ALL gay people I have discussed this with believe that they are born gay, heterosexual people seem to be more undecided. It does seem to be the politically correct view that gay people are born that way.........Why is this ???
    Is it that we have a gay or straight gene? Would it be possible in the future to genetically engineer this gene so that homosexuality didn't exist. It may be however that in the near future society doesn't require young labour so much and a lower birth rate that a homosexual rich society would produce would not be a problem. Could it be that everyone could be genetically engineered to be both straight and gay ??

    I am a PE teacher of students aged 11 to 18. It is fascinating to see how these children develop into being clearly gay or straight. We are increasingly seeing male students who enter the school at 11yo who already are clearly identifying with the gay culture even though they can not be sexually active. Other students start to exhibit a gay identity as they enter puberty, others later still at 16 yo +. What I have noticed is that students who are very sporty never start to exhibit this gay identity, but other male students who do start to exhibit this identity lose all interest in competitive sports.
    At our thriving performing arts dept, we have so many boys who are clearly gay who take drama and dance. All the best male dancers, except those who do street dance, are exclusively gay. In drama it tends to be a very mixed group of hetero and homo students, so drama seems to have a mixed identity that appeals to both groups.

    In PE I am less aware of females in lessons having this identity issue whether straight or gay, We have had a few issues with gay girls or increasingly transgender F to M students about getting changed more than participating. I don't feel I know much about this to make further comment or observation but would welcome any others who do.

    Part two to follow :

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