• It's not a choice.

    Studies have shown that sexual orientation is decided between birth to the age of 3, way before a time when any choice made by the person can be considered meaningful. So it definitely is biological but we don't really know what's the gene which causes sexual orientation. That still stands for biologists to think about, though.

    I realize that some people grow up thinking that they are gay but in the end, they find out that they aren't attracted to the same sex. However, it has been shown in certain studies that this is because of society's stereotypes of the behavior of homosexuals. I even have a list of all the stereotypes which there are of homosexuals and having worked with homosexuals in school projects etc, I can say that these stereotypes are simply not true. So, yea, that's pretty much it.

  • Few would choose social stigma

    Being born with an attraction to the same sex puts one in the sights of a seemingly large part of society who does not accept them. Should one's homosexual or bisexual orientation be made public through their consent or otherwise, they will almost certainly face bullying, discrimination, stigmatization, and even physical violence throughout their life.

  • I never chose to be straight

    Since I didn't choose to be straight I can only assume people who are gay have no choice either. We can't decide who we find attractive, it is pre-set, just like skin colour, eye colour etc. Also, it really makes no difference to my life which way others sway. Live and let live!

  • Yes, they are.

    Homosexuality is genetic, not particularly to say a genetic disorder, but in a way, it is. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but biologically seen, it is a flaw in your DNA, the main goal of a spiecies is to survive, and to do so, they must effectively reproduce. Again: nothing wrong with homosexuality.

  • Psychological fact. I study this stuff.

    There is incredible evidence for homosexuality being genetic. For a twin who is gay, the other twin has a 50% chance of being gay. This does not change for twins who are separated at birth. If one sibling is gay, the other is more likely to be gay, and again this does not change at birth. The same percentages (I believe around 8%, depending on how you define "gay") are seen across cultures. The chances of being gay are the same no matter the socio-economic class, or religion (although how they express themselves does change). That gay persons are born from troubled homes is a myth. This comes straight from textbooks.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Homosexuality is not by nurture but by nature.

    It has been found that if one of the twins is homosexual then the other one is more likely to be the same and most probably due to some hormonal imbalances and why anyone would choose to get rewarded with hatred and criticism of the society. Moreover in rare cases homosexuality has also been found in other animals.

  • Being Gay Is Neither A Choice, Nor A Sin-

    Let me start of by saying, I am gay, and I very sure that being gay is not a choice I ever made. I just always have been. I recall a time, when I was about 6, I told myself that if a cure for homosexuality were to ever have been invented- I would take it. However, after thinking this for around 5 or 6 years, in addition to my change of personal views and religion, I realized that by the fact of me telling myself I would accept a "cure", for my Homosexuality, I had been identifying, on at least a fundamental level, that my Homosexual-Orientation, was not a choice.
    I love men, and women. I find some female's extremely beautiful, but I know that I would never have sex with, nor ever be able to establish the same connection with a woman as I would a man. I don't know why, don't ask me. I just like men. I like how comforting a possible boyfriend, of mine, could be. I love to be able to think that if ever I find the right guy and I am sad, I will have the warm, big, strong hands of him to hold me close and comfort me. I love to know that I will have this funny, amazing, thoughtful, beautiful, nice, kind, generous, and sweet MAN to be there all the time- to hold and to kiss, and hug and hold hands with. I don't know why I feel this attraction to males alone, but I just do. Here is an analogy- ***If I gave you a bed to lay in that was of a normal comfort level, and I allowed you to lay in it with your long time, committed partner of the opposite sex ( and I say that because I am appealing to those who believe contrary to my point a.K.A. People who think homosexuality is a choice and by extension are straight ), and we assumed that you wouldn't speak to each other, just lay, you would probably feel at ease, comfortable, maybe even happy. But, say that then I gave you a bed that was of the same comfort level as the former, but this time instead of placing your longtime, committed partner of the opposite sex, in the bed with you, we place a different person whom you do not know, yet is still of the opposite sex, in bed with you... I'd wager that bed just got a whole lot less comfortable.***
    If that doesn't makes sense to you I am sorry, but it makes sense to me. Maybe I don't need to be able to explain it though. Maybe it is just as simple as this... I will always like men, and there is nothing you, nor I, nor anyone else can do to change that. And if I love that person, why would you try to screw with that? God knows that love is something the world needs right now.

  • Not a choice

    Being gay is absolutely NOT a choice. If homosexuality is a choice, then I challenge a heterosexual male or female to choose to be gay for a day. I guarantee they would not be able to do it. Also, do you think gay people would choose to be the way that they are and be tormented and abused because of it? No they wouldn't. That would be ridiculous! They are the way that they are because they are simply born that way.

  • They would not remain Gay otherwise.

    Most people remain that way even though society as a whole seems to regard them as an abomination.They continue to suffer persecution and mental and emotional torture everyday of their lives, yet they remain homosexual.It makes absolutely no sense that homosexuality is a 'choice'.I am a catholic christian, and I believe that oral and anal sex is morally wrong. But,I also agree that these people need support and love to live morally uprights lives and are capable of love.

  • People are born homosexual

    Some kids know they are gay at a very young age (even if they do not really understand what gay means) and even if they do not know until they are older it is only because children are conditioned to believe that they are heterosexual (ie: gender profiling) and it doesn't even cross their minds until they reach a certain age. Some people argue that women who were abused by their fathers become lesbian but there is no proof of that especially considering the tons of straight women who were abused by their fathers. Also, why would anyone choose a way of life that society would ridicule them for.

  • You Choose Who You Are With In Romantic And/Or Sexual Relationships

    Children do not have any sexual identity when they are born. In fact, they have no sexual identity until they reach a point of sufficient maturation to have one. Sexuality is determined by who you choose to be with in romantic and/or sexual circumstances or relationships. It is a CHOICE. Why would anyone say it's not a choice? Because people are more willing to accept you if they believe you had no choice in the matter. So there is an agenda, put forth by homosexuals and their supporters, to convince everyone else that homosexuals have no choice in their sexuality because it will lead to greater acceptance. Yet everyone has a CHOICE to be with whomever they wish romantically or sexually. No one is forced to only be with people who have every feature they find most attractive - in fact, most people are not with someone who has every feature they find attractive. In the same way, no one is forced to be with someone of the same gender even if that happens to be what they are most attracted to - it is a CHOICE.

  • Some may be... But not all

    From what I've seen and heard, I do believe some of the homosexual population is born gay. However, I don't believe all are. I believe recently, as the gay population as increased, that their are more influences. I believe something in the food may be messing with testosterone, all the GMO's and such. Also, I know that porn addiction is a big issue people are not looking at. Porn addiction can actually warp your sexual preference and their have been numerous accounts of 'straight' men who thought they may be gay or bi, when in fact, they were just addicted to porn.

  • Homosexuality mental sickness.

    They require help and I recommend seeing a Doctor. For this is a serious sin in the face of our God for he created Adam and Eve not Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve. So I have a firm believe homosexuality is not born with for children are born perfect

  • Sexual Preference is not genetic.

    Think for a minute about this. If you are born gay then that must mean that it was genetic. You can only inherit genes from your mother or father. So even if you claim to be "born" gay than that must mean that your mother or father is homosexual. If one of them is homosexual why would they put themselves into a heterosexual relationship?

    You cant be homosexual from birth because no one develops sexual attractions until the age of puberty. Simple genetics.

  • Not at all

    To liberals science only matters when it comes down to creation and evolution. There is no scientific evidence that you are born gay. Take your feelings out of it and look at the facts. Until scientist PROVE you are born gay, i'm going to stick with this opinion. Vc cv

  • No they aren't

    First of all homosexuality is not a genetic thing..It depends on psychology ...The man who first said that it was a genetic thing was himself a homosexual and this thing later was discarded...People are not born with homosexuality at all..Rather they adopt it...Because people now days are not satisfied with their sexual life and we all know that humans are greedy and want more so for further desire they quench their thirst by saying that men are born homosexual!!!

  • I'm not convinced

    That it's a "born" trait. Homosexuality has revealed itself to be more than a biological phenomenon. It has become a distinct culture with it's own traditions and hallmarks. Identifying a homosexual is not difficult, because their identity flows into every aspect of their character. Gay men tend to act feminine, but it's a "forced" and embellished feminization that more closely resembles a "Diva", than a normal woman. They behave loudly, dress flashy to the point of drawing attention, their posture resembles something like a drunk cat walking on two legs, they speak with lisps and they have the mannerisms of a hood-rat. (Neck-rolling, finger snapping)

    Clearly, not all gay men behave like this, but quite a few do and most exhibit at least one or two of these traits.

    If homosexuality is not a choice, then why do Gay men adopt the culture? Behavior IS a choice and they choose to behave like loud idiots. This points toward a life-style preference, not a biological phenomenon.

    The same could be said about militant lesbians. Let's face it...The beach-body lesbians are rare and purely a figment of the heterosexual male mind.

  • Not even evidence for... But evidence against.

    Not enough evidence has came in support of the idea... Which really only give the Con side merit, but not a win... What does it in for me is the evidence against.

    3 studies were done on twins (one gay twin, and one straight twin,) to prove that there is a difference in the DNA... That it's genetic... The media was ablaze with he stories... But went silent when the results were in. There was little to know difference. Both twins were the same still.

    While this is only a strong case but not a full argument, it doesn't give the Con side much more merit.

  • Not enough evidence yet

    There have been several studies on the subject of whether or not some people are born homosexual. Some of those studies concluded that the answer is yes and some have concluded that the answer is no. Even the genetic studies are split on this subject. So, as yet, since there is not enough evidence either way, this really cannot be answered objectively and dispassionately with verifiable facts.
    So the only answer that can be given is opinion based on experience. Unfortunately, even the extensive experience I have had with homosexuals (in my forty-seven years I have had many homosexual friends) leads me to be undecided therefore I must answer with no.
    But, I must also add that I am certainly open to the idea that it is possible. After all, we can be born one of four genders, though two are extremely rare. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that it is possible to be genetically predisposed to homosexuality. But, just as two of the genders are extremely rare, so too would be a predisposition to homosexuality. It is reasonable to assume that if one in five million are born hermaphroditic or gender neutral, so too, one in five million would be born genetically gay or lesbian.
    If one can be born male or female or both or neither, does it not make sense that one can also be born heterosexual, gay, lesbian or bisexual?
    Again, I must point out that there is insufficient valid scientific evidence either way to make a rational and factual argument for or against this. My conclusion of no is made solely on the basis that lacking evidence I must default to it being a lifestyle choice at least for the overwhelming majority of those who participate in that lifestyle simply because it appears that it would be an extremely rare phenomenon to be born homosexual if that proves to be a reality. If future scientific studies should prove otherwise, I will gladly change my stance on this issue.

  • At some point you had to choose to be gay

    The fact is that you can't be born gay. At some point in your life you have to choose to like the same sex. Saying that you don't decide whether you are gay or not is not logical at some point in you life you had to choose to be gay, you can't just like the same sex ever since you were born it is not logically correct. All things have a choice and this is one. Take into consideration this. People go into jail straight and then come out gay. So something had to happen while they were in there. So ask yourself that.

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