Are people but simple animals and nothing else?

Asked by: PinValentine
  • We are just clever primates. We're made of meat and bone, just like the critters

    We're just animals who developed language and the means by which to create tools.

    We function the same way other animals function. We share genetic markings with other primates.

    We even look like some of them.

    As PinValentine said, it is incredibly egocentric and arrogant to assume human beings are so much greater than other animals.

    It is a mindset that has created a world in which some who hold certain philosophies mock the notion of protecting the environment.

    This is our garden, and we let callous, shortsighted, greedy animals destroy it for the rest of us. We aren't special, we're just as violent and stupid as any other beast of the wild.

  • We are not near as evolved as we think we are.

    We think, have ideas, communicate, have science and religion, use tools, invent, have politics, and form societies. These and many other arguments are made to show that humans are far more evolved than other animals. It is simply not true.

    We, as animals, still rely on our baser instincts. And we use them. A lot of us would like to claim that people are level headed, free willed, clear, and logical thinkers, and we are, but only to an extent.

    Instincts explain why some groups are unaccepted, why we find certain people attractive, why we favor some politics to others, why some rely on their religion, and why some rely on science. They even explain why we treat people differently, and why money matters.

    We are not as evolved as most would think. It is egotistical tho suggest so, and it is also narcissistic.

  • We are not the primary species.

    Humans have lived for so little time, compared to other species, that it's impossible to think that we are superior to everyone. Intelligence and superiority can't be "counted" according to human standards. For me, ants are superior to humans, as their species can survive almost anything. Or bacteria, viruses, whatever. Humans are surely not invincible and the stupidity that exists around me makes me totally doubt our actual intelligence.

  • What's wrong with a little egoism?

    Humans, as living beings, are mammalien primates. As far as known Earth life goes, humans are pretty complex and not "simple". As far as galactic life goes, we are not even 1.0 on the Kardashev scale of development. This would put us somewhere in the "uncivilized savage" class, but still better than anything this little corner of the galaxy has ever produced.

  • No, because we are made id God's image

    From the bible we see that we are made in God's image, and that we are his children. God made animals for us to govern, but we are more than they are. But for all you evolutionists who don't believe in God, just using your head should tell you that we are more than animals. We think, reason, invent, and debate. We have religions, we have understanding. We are different.

  • Unfortunately there is not the " Yes and no" option, which i would have selected had i been given the choice.

    We are coming from animals, we can be classified as Aristotle would do it in the animal world. First, we are a concrete thing as a rock or a river. But, we are also a living thing, which gets us to the same level as plants or trees. Finally, we can move on our own, which makes us animal.
    Comparable to them we eat, look for our food and reproduce. But, we have something, that radically distinguish us from them : our Reason. We have that wonderful-incredible-amazing faculty to think, communicate, write, discuss. Not only do we have sex but also for the pleasure it gives.
    Important difference.
    However, if not stimulating our reasing by always trying to gather more and more knowledge we come back to our "beast state" ! Hence the importance of " philosophing " !

  • We are vastly different.

    Humans are currently the only mammals that are capable of altering every other species in the world. We are able to actually have a will in ideas such as political parties and gun control, which is incredible due to the fact that animals have never divided amongst themselves so racially yet found a way to remain united. Humans have always studied life on a much deeper level than other mammals; have you ever noticed that birds or reptiles never experimenter on each other or perform some types of test in order to study each other, or other species for that matter? Humans simply cannot be be labeled as "more advanced animals" in the sense that we are more adapted. We are profoundly and unrealistically different.

  • We have sentience

    Biologically speaking obviously we do not differ much , but we have an ability most animals don't have sentience , as we all know sentience is very rare we find it in dolphins some other primates and occasionally birds and dogs. We do not fully understand the nature of sentience so it is difficult to say what that implies but it is something almost no animals have , that makes us different ( better or worse has not yet been discovered) . My argument IS NOT based on a religious statmment.

  • We we're not anymore

    Indeed awhile ago human were quite simple cretures,but nowadays we've grown into something incredibly complex, every day that passes by the human mind become more and more diverse.So I wouldn't lable us as being simply,some of us have even left the planet and walked on the moon.Ya know it takes something more than just a simple mind to do that lol

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ArcTImes says2014-06-27T15:24:32.143
Really bad question. How can you vote for YES if we are not just simple animals, like most of the other animals of the planet.
Sure, evolution continues, but you can't say we are simple just because we are going to get more complex.