• Human are brain washed

    Indeed humans can govern themselves, however we have been brain washed in school and by parents whom have also been brainwashed to believe that yu can not make your own decisions.
    We are born into a family an need to obey and are the child , with the parent dictating then we go to school and the teachers dictate then we have a job and the boss dictates and then we have government who dictates , we never leave the childhood position and mentality , sue we pretend to be grown up , but we are just childen obeying .

    We need to change that , and be taught mental, spiritual emotional freedom and responsibility of self . Sure we can govern our selves but the system needs to change and be removed

  • We can and should

    First to anyone who says humans are incapable I say this, to be human is to be intelligent to be intelligent is to be capable. We are made to be capable, all of us.

    I firmly believe that mentally something happened along the way and we have been led to believe, either on purpose or by chance that we are not capable of governing ourselves, great feats, peace, ect. Just stop waiting for permission and just make it better.

    Make it better. Just do it.

  • Yes, if given the freedom to.

    Yes, people are capable of governing themselves, because humans are basically good, and when working together, can come up with really good laws that will work for self-governance. That is not to say that there should not be any kind of laws at all, it is just that those governed should be the ones to decide the rules. Humans are capable of doing this for themselves.

  • All Government Is People

    Only people can govern themselves. Governments are created and maintained by people. Governments never act outside of human agency, they are the interactions of many human beings some taking different roles in the process. Likewise a world with humans will have governments unless they are in civil war and then a faction becomes the government or the land is split between factions that become for all intents and purposes governments.

  • In very small communities

    The theory of syndicalism is the only theory that would enable people to govern themselves - the greater number of people would cause greater conflicts.

  • Local city governments should handle everything for the citizens.

    The only major things that should be national laws are things regarding to human rights, and these laws need to be voted upon by every citizen who wishes to vote and not use electoral college, but use a fair system of % of people who agree/ disagree. It doesn't need to be a complicated system which allows the government to confuse the citizens and discourage them from voting.

  • Yes. If we're not, we would need someone to make a decision in every aspect of our lives.

    The propensity to survive and exist in unity with other people is built into every person. The human race would have never survived if it could not govern itself. Each and every one of us makes decisions without the approval of another every single day. The question should be, "Would people be better off governing themselves?"

  • Almost but no

    If no one was governing others so that rules and things used to keep people in order, There would be complete anarchy, Plus there would probably constantly be fights by opposing groups, Like when antifa fight against neo-nazis. Plus, As far as i know, We have never had a society without government

  • Each man is as capable of governing as another.

    A government by the people and for the people is the only form of government that doesn't place one individual or group of individuals at an unreasonably elevated position. Up until the American experiment, most people believed in the divine rule of kings, or in other words that the nobles and royals were innately more capable of governing, and that the common class was incapable of such things. The more we rely on government to protect us from our own choices, the more we return to this archaic belief.

  • We decide or we let other humans

    Either you yourself decide what to do or you let other humans who probably have their own interests in mind and not yours decide what you do. If we are greedy ourselves and uncontrollable like a lot of these posts are saying why would it make sense for other greedy, uncontrollable people decide what we can and can't do?

  • People cannot overcome their savage sides with government intervention.

    It's been proven time and time again that people who govern themselves lose control. Take the simple example of gun rights in America. Half of the American people "govern" themselves by owning guns even though it is not ethical to do so because it provides the means for the few to use guns to kill innocent people--children even, as in the case at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. No other country in the world has the gun rights as in the U.S. and, consequently, don't have the assault gun massacres that in America on a monthly basis. Governance relies on protecting the WHOLE. Gun owner in America are only interested in protecting themselves which is an individual stance, not an integral stance. This is why people are not capable of governing themselves because governing themselves results in harming others like gun owners who have blood on their hands for the children killed in Connecticut for allowing guns for themselves and consequently others who decide to kill 6 year-olds.

  • Governments were created because people could not govern themselves.

    As long as humans exist, greed and self-interest will, too. When humans are given a chance to enrich themselves at the expense of others, most will jump at the opportunity no matter the immorality and injustice with it. That is why governments were created in the first place - to save mankind from the uneducated masses. The best example for this case is the "Reign of Terror" that followed the French Revolution. The people in power had no clue how to run a sane government and killed innocent people left and right as a result. Unfortunately, the majority of humans are still ignorant and uneducated as ever; therefore, it is not in our best interests to have a purely democratic government.

  • If people could have they would have.

    Looking back over history, I have tried unsuccessfully to find some government that demonstrated that they could govern appropriately. Having failed, I speculated on a type of government that might work. I failed again. The crux of the problem is that the experience of consciousness (such as feelings, emotions, drives, urges, preferences, and so forth) is not consistence with existence-base reality (that is, pure realty). In other words, since realty isn’t what we want it to be we substitute a more desirable fantasy which then becomes our reality. However, everything we do to the extent that it deviates from existence based realty fails. That includes governments.

  • No because I said no


  • The need to lead is a symptom of the sociopath

    The desire to be the boss, to force one's will upon others is a symptom of the sociopath. Through out history sociopaths have managed to achieve leadership roles and in so doing have made the lives of untold millions miserable. Even in representative forms of government the sociopaths are the ones who are driven to become the top dogs. The human species will never be able to equitably rule themselves as long as the sociopaths are the ones who rule us.

  • They are not capable of doing so.

    The majority of people do not think. Some that do only think of themselves. The people who take responsibility for their own lives and live in balance with nature and society as a whole are a tiny minority. In the US especially people have shown that they are greedy, narcissistic and violent. They are happy to look the other way in the face of evil as long as it doesn't affect them personally. If it does they are in an outrage and proclaim their victimhood with a loud voice. They frequently exhibit emotions indicative of the reptile complex rather than working toward betterment of themselves and society. It is a small minority who can govern themselves. In this minority are the individuals who work to be the best version of themselves and create a positive influence on the people around them and society as a whole.

  • We are born as greedy, selfish people.

    The thing about us humans is that even if we don't want to be selfish and greedy, we are. It is just the way we are. That is why governments are created so that people cannot go crazy. There is nothing wrong with it, it just is what it is. People come into a world where the more power you have the better. So, until we learn to better handle wealth and all that power having a government is much better. It's safe and it works. It has been proven time and time that people get out of control when they are in control. And it makes a lot of sense, so maybe in time we will be better about it, but for now it is better this way.

  • No matter how much we like someone we will not agree with everything another embraces. That is one reason we can succeed.

    How can we fix what we can ruin but not create ie: the Earth human life. . . Then people can't govern humans successfully. We must admit, No human agrees completely with another. So a government with one or more human rulers will face opposition even anarchy. This was the message the prophet Jeremiah was inspired to write at Jeremiah 10:23---23 I well know, O Jehovah, That man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step. Many people feel strongly about abortion its right/it's wrong;LGBTQ

  • Because no hehehehe

    Because man is like. . . Dangerous and stuff so basically if people were left to their own devices total chaos would happen. It's like what Thomas Hobbes said about the natural state of man. Something like "the natural state of man is bickering, Squatting and fighting o something. And like. . I said so so lmao.

  • Yes, But there are consequences

    People will become savages fighting for themselves and try to gain what they want. The poor will possibly steal from the rich and people will get killed and many worldwide problems will be created. How will we decide about laws? How will we even know who is in charge of our job? How will we keep track of crimes? These are just some examples of problems that can happen. But, If we decide to have eace, We still need a government, So no.

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