Are people divided more by race than social class?

Asked by: grilledcorn
  • Just look at Sodahead

    I believe race is one of those things, but there's also bigotry of many types -- hatred of tomboys and autistic folks. It's sad but that's true. So I believe bigotry is so strong in this country that websites can house racist criminals and go without punishment. Just look at Sodahead, which is double standarded about race.

  • It depends where you are

    Yes, I do believe that especially in the United States, that people are more divided by race. This is because of historical prejudices, events, what have you; that resulted in people separating themselves for whatever reason. However, in countries that are homogeneous like Japan or Korea, there is division by social class because majority of those countries are one race.

  • Not that I totally disagree with you views,I just don't agree enough.

    I agree that past events in Americas history pertaining to race has caused major separation amongst our country. I just don't believe that it effects the separation has much as social class in today's society. One reason for that is the younger generation is not too concerned about anything that does not effect them personally. (Not to discredit history). They are too concerned about the latest iPhone that came out or the top brand of clothing. If you can
    afford those type of things then your basically "in". No matter the race, sex, age, or orientation as long as you can keep up. Sad but true

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