• People are probably definetly embarrassed that they vote for Donald Trump

    When people come to their local caucas /state primary they see the candidates, Trump, Cruz, Kasich, maybe Ben Carson still... And "Who should I vote for" Cruz and Carson are to Evengilical/Ignorant. "Kasich is out of consideration" for the average voter. "Oh, Trump is funny and an interesting guy so I guess I'll vote for him" The point is, they don't even know who their voting for, so their not really embarrassed until they hear on their daily news station that Trump was endorsed by the Leader of the KKK.

  • There's a Reason It's Called "Silent Majority"

    Don't get me wrong, there are lots of very, very vocal Donald Trump supporters. But there are also plenty of far right extremists who are too scared of speaking out about their beliefs, as they should be. I'm pretty conservative myself, but Donald Trump is a madman, anyone is insane or stupid enough to support him SHOULD be embarrassed about it.

  • Yes, I do think people are embarrassed to admit they support Donald Trump.

    I believe people are embarrassed to admit they supported him because of the negative way the media, other candidates , and the Republican Party have responded to him. Many in the media do not treat him as a real candidate because they think he is a celebrity not a politician. Other candidates claim is not qualified because he has never held office before. The Republican Party constantly denounces him because they think he is bad for their brand. I think that people are embarrassed to admit they support Donald Trump because they fear they will be viewed negatively as well.

  • Trump is goood

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  • Donald Trump supporters are not embarrassed to admit it whatsoever.

    Donald Trump supporters have no shame in supporting such a bigoted and hateful candidate. It's a shame that these people so ignorantly follow such a horrible presidential candidate. I have never met a Donald Trump supporter who won't let you know loud and proud that he/she is indeed a supporter of Donald Trump.

  • I don't think so

    I think Trump supporters are a lot like Donald Trump. I think they are just as vocal in support as he is as a candidate. I don't think anyone is embarrassed to admit they support Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate. If they did, he would not be polling as well as he is.

  • No, people are not embarrassed to admit they support Donal Trump

    Supporters of Donald Trump are no more or less embarrassed to admit they support him than supporters of other candidates. His supporters seem to feel that Trump has some good ideas. Many Americans are tired of political correctness and find Trump's attitude refreshing. Other supporters are tired of illegal immigrants and are happy to support a candidate that will enforce immigration laws.

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