• Yes they are

    Take for example a made up person like JonathonDJ, he is a early middle aged guy, overweight, unmarried, no skills, no education, and relies solely on cable news and cable radio to formulate any political opinions. His lack of complex cognition and analytical skills leave him in a deep sense of anger toward other races because of buying into to the pundants story of the middle white man not being able to forward himself any more. His ignorance wells up in him like a cancer eating at his every thought and emotions until he has become so stupid he cannot function on a decent level. This is just a case study. Hint hint wink wink

  • I think they are...

    People seem to be getting "Stupider", I realize that isn't a good word to use necessarily however I can't really think of a better one. If you really think about it there are many people around the world that can't even spell words without spell check. They have no idea what correct grammar is. They can't do simple math without a calculator. They know nothing about history or science. Even the music has become overly simplified compared to what it used to be. People are literally getting "Stupider".

  • Sad but true

    It has happened before and it is happening now. When I was certified to teach exercise, we were very clear on each and every move in any class. Then, in 1995, Madonna started doing yoga and all guidelines were thrown "out the window" in favor of making-money. It is easier to sell people ANYthing if the people are poorly informed.

  • People attention seeking

    People are doing more stupid things just to get attention. I dont get this because people do stupid stuff jsut to be a 'big' person. An example of this, one lad got betted 100 pound just to jump off the ferry whilst moving to see if he could get to the other side. Did he survive? No he didnt. Got caught up under the chains. This is an example of stupidity. Another guy dicided to do a head stand in at tin bucket just to get money? Hello? Cuts on yor neck and a banging headache for what a couple of quid?

  • People are demonstrating less problem solving skills thereby appearing to be stupider.

    Individuals are not the problem solvers of yesterday. Why? They look for instant gratification and rely on technology. Example: My friend was wanting to meet with a co-worker for lunch. She was pacing and nervous because she had no cell reception. I said, "Here, use the landline." She again stated she had no cell reception and guessed she would have to trudge to the person's work area to ask about lunch. Again, I pointed at the telephone and said I could just call our other friend. The lady left the room frustrated. Was she stupid or did she lack problem solving skills because of her dependence on something else. I stopped what I was doing and called the friend on the landline. Individuals will always do silly and "stupid" stunts for fun or "what if", but again it comes from not taking time to think it through and problem solving before acting. So, yes due to lack of problem solving skills and patience people choose to be stupider.

  • Yes , they are getting stupider!

    Well , I really think that most of the people of this generation is getting stupider day by day . Actually it never happened before which is happening now , just to get the attention of people towards them , they can do any stupid act which is an un useful thing .

  • People are certainly not getting stupider just denied the chance to be brilliant. In a sense yes stupid but given the alternative will not be.

    Here is why. If the majority of humanity is getting stupider. Then we wouldn't be this technological advanced. I mean we went from dumb phones to smart phones within a decade. If any is how the masses are controlled.

    The top down approach that humans practice to manage societies. Is making people be focused on matters that are less important. The structured control of cultural growth so that most of masses will be consumers than inventors is the problem. Change that system and easily everyone will be working towards pushing our species forward and even other life forms.

  • People were always stupid

    People have always been stupid and will continue to be. They just seem to be increasingly stupid. In terms of pure IQ, people's IQ have been rising. The amount of information and ideas we have gathered as a species has been growing. Try to have some faith in other humans.

  • A fifty-fifty opinion.

    I also don't think the word "stupid" is suitable. People aren't getting stupid, we're just focused on one or two field of career or interests and ignoring the rest. In the olden days, the society then have a million to one occupation; an engineer, artist, ideologist, a scholar and so on. They studied as much as they can about everything and they don't fully depend on technology rather, willing to use manpower for certain reasons. But today, we have everything we want with a snap of our fingers. We have internet to inform anyone who have an access about what are the current issues, share opinions and ideas, gain information and do researches at a better speed and quality. We don't get stupid using technology either. If you're talking about people not caring about grammar, then how come there are tons of grammar checking software on the Internet and on the market? People do care for grammar but not everyone think that way which is normal. Younger generations today, especially in the urban areas have better education quality than none at all like before.

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