• BRuh Just.. Come ON

    Being Anne Frank’s diary is widely read. And even those who have never read it probably recognize few quotes from it. The most heard of may be Anne’s observation: “in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank is correct, as everyone  does have some sense of good in their heart, and that people will do good for something. Anne Frank says “In spite of everything”, and even if there are bad circumstances, people will do good things.
    “This morning our vegetable man was picked up for having two Jews in his house.”
    Page #239 of Anne's Diary
        The vegetable man was a not a Jew, but helped Jews, despite the circumstances. And it relates to Anne’s claim because she says “in spite of everything, and the vegetable man did all that he can to help. He did a good deed from the heart.
    Miep Gies also helps people, particularly the people in the Secret Annexe. An she did it despite the circumstances as well. She befriended Anne, and she tried very hard to help the people in the Secret Annexe.“The camps had decent sufficient food (bearing in mind it was war time), they had theaters, swimming pools, football pitches, post offices where inmates could communicate to the outside world, kindergartens, art and music recreation”
    “Something had to be done with these destructive anti-social Jews who were strangling Germany.” Thought Hitler. Germany had lost a lot from Jews, and wanted to do something about it. So, he created containment camps to ease it out. And again, Hitler wanted to help his country, which would be considered as a good deed. And in some ways, it was ethical, because according to The Greatest Story Never Told, the camps had many things to make it livable. Considering what Hitler has done, isn’t it odd for him to do something like this? It could only mean that he wasn’t the super ruthless person we know him for. He had a sense of good, and it showed.
    Despite the evidence and explanation given so far, some people may still conclude that Anne’s statement is incorrect. They might argue that the Nazi's killed without conscious. This point of view makes some sense because the Nazis were brutal.  This argument and evidence, however, does not prove Anne incorrect because many soldiers were actual good people, but their will bended. And just as Anne saying “in spite of everything” a lot of soldiers helped out and even befriended the people in the concentration camps, and if the soldiers were caught, they would get punished. Saying that all the Nazis killed without any conscious wouldn’t make sense because a lot of the Nazis were really just following orders. Therefore, Anne Frank is correct, as everyone  does have some sense of good in their heart, and that people will do good for something. Anne Frank says “In spite of everything”, and even if there are bad circumstances, people will do good things.

  • God and the Bible

    People are naturally good at heart. When God created the world he made it perfect/good. When God made aplan for every human beings life he made it good. When molding and shaping a person himself he creates him/her to be good. In the Bible, God tells us everyone is good. However, everyone sins. Sinning is only a hiccup in Gods plan. Also in the Bible, God tells us that a sin is a sin no matter how big or small. For example, Hitler. Hitler killed millions of Jews. That would be a sin. Now say a theft stole something at a store, that is also a sin. When you see both scenores you would think... What Hitler do was horrible... And it is but, the sin Hitler made is just as effective as the theft that store from the store. Each sin is equally bad. No sin is worse than the other. People were created to make bad choice and to sin. Everyone is good at heart yet everyone still will make "evil" decisions.

  • Yes for the most part

    Three sentences:
    - Hitler thought he was doing good in his mind, showing somewhat good intentions.
    - You have to look at the person's intentions from their POV, like terrorists, they do it for their religion and it's what they know and were raised in.
    - Yes, people are selfish but we all to wrong things and make bad choices in life and we all have a conscience proving that we have some form of goodness within

  • No one is born bad!!!

    No one is born bad, look at babies! They do not rob banks, kid nap people, no nothing. Babies they are dumb, they do not know anything
    adolf hitler was NOT bad at heart as a baby! Hitler became back through years of strong beliefs!
    So... Yeah... It takes years and years of beliefs and teaching...

  • Yes people are really good at heart.

    We all have good intentions that our hearts want. People always have a reason why they do something they just don't always know how to express why they feel that way or the reason why they made that choice. In the end we all want to be forgiven by someone we hurt or about the choice we made that we thought was good, but came out the be the wrong choice.

  • Yes they are.

    People are generally good at heart. Some people may have bad moments are come off badly during a hard time or a tough day, but I like to think that under normal situations that people are good and good hearted. Peolpe do not like to see other people hurt normally.

  • Are People Good At Heart?

    Yes people are naturally good at heart. There are alot of criminals thats true but we havent seen the world in THEIR POINT OF VIEW, when you see them in the news u just say,"damn these people are crazy HOW can they do that!" But you dont really ask WHY do they do that. Im not saying its ok for them to do this but if you really THINK about it, they do these things because they have a bunch of scars that made that heart get COLD but he/she can decide to break that ice and be good at heart once again.

  • Yes, I believe most are good.

    I believe most people are good at heart, although I think it's easy to wonder because we don't hear about the every day stuff, only the occasional hero or most of all, the evil in the world that people perpetrate on others. I think that generally speaking, people are compassionate and care what other people are going through and have good hearts, because most of us have learned that we're all vulnerable.

  • Psychologically nobody wanted to be bad.

    Morality is subjective and the way we refer to good and bad today is actually indicated a level of social acceptability of certain action. Socially unacceptable behaviour will be followed with negative reinforcement from the social member to a various degree so logically and psychologically there could be no sane individual who would like to be branded bad. Only when there is no better alternative or there is any higher purpose to such action, doing bad is not in nature of our brain.

  • Yes, they are.

    Yes, I believe that people are inherently good at heart. I think that people learn meanness and rudeness from their surroundings. I believe that we are made with a clean heart and ultimately it is up to the individual how they will live with their heart, but I believe all people really are good at heart.

  • No Way Jose!

    Reason #1
    The Holocaust was a major part of history and also a sad one and this shows that people aren't good at heart because the Nazi's killed without conscious.
    Evidence #1
    Brutal Nazi murders had extended to at least five million other innocent victims included Russians, Poles, Blacks, Homosexuals, Gypsies, and others who the Nazis called “inferior races.
    Evidence #2
    These innocent people were forced into labor camps just because of their hair color or their religion.
    Evidence #3
    If people were actually good at heart then there wouldn’t be any persecuting of a certain religion trying to create the perfect one.

  • People have a choice to be good or bad

    If people were truly good at heart then there would be any stealing, cheating, lying, murdering, or selfishness. People have a choice to be good at heart but the sad reality is that alot of people choose to make bad choices, they choose to hurt other people. However I do not think Anne Frank's claim is naive or childish. I think her diary is proof that she had a very mature way of thinking and I do not think her claim would have changed had she lived. I do not believe that anybody is born "good at heart". Every body is born like a blank canvas. Are people truly good at heart isn't a yes or no question, your goodness depends on your choices and the reasons behind the choices.

  • Look at the world.

    People are NOT good at heart. If you look at the world that is apparent. IF people were good at heart there could not be children starving, people without homes, people killing one another. The amount of wrongs and evil that people do and that people allow is clear evidence that people are NOT good at heart. The truly good people are the exception. The people who do good are the exception. The good that people do is still not sufficient to eliminate the incredible amounts of evil and depravity done by the larger majority of people who are, to differing degrees, bad. IF people were good then humanity would join together to eliminate the sufferings that now exist, which sufferings are mainly being caused by humans. What humans do, and what humans allow, is clear evidence of the depravity, greed, selfishness, meanness, cruelty, evil in us. IF Anne Frank had survived the concentration camp I am sure she would have changed her assessment about people being good. Anne Frank made her very childish and inexperienced assessment while still relatively sheltered and safe and protected. Once she experienced the realities of the concentration camp I have no doubt her naïve and children assessment regarding the supposed goodness of humanity was destroyed by the realities she then experienced. Further I have no doubt that her dying had to do in great part with her loss of the will to live. Anne Frank would have lost her will to live upon encountering the reality of human nature. Human nature is pretty bad, and the exceptions of good are rare. Further the United States is an incredibly horrible, phony, dishonest, hypocritical country. That shall become yet more clear with what shall be disclosed through having such a President as Donald Trump. The good, human values purported as being "American" are NOT manifested in the reality that is in fact America. The actual society of America is horrendous, unfair, phony, superficial, grossly materialistic and selfish. That the American people allow endless wars and killings to go on, and allow the gross disparity between billionaires and the many homeless, is appalling. America, which is bad, is very different from the images, which are good, that it creates and portrays. This shall all become yet even worse in the coming years. We are NOT entering into good times with the entry of a Donald J. Trump as President. And we are entering these times because people are NOT good at heart. Those who are good at heart are in the vast minority.
    IF there is any God then it is way past time for God to take some action like, supposedly, he did at Noah's time. People are NOT good at heart.

  • Everyone is good at heart

    Despite what they do or have done, they are still good because maybe they are having a rough day. Evil is inherited you are not born with it. Bgbjgbhgjbhgjbhgjhbg gbhkgf gfdjk ghfkdjhg keshgkfdshkg fdkjg hkdfghdsfkh fkghdkfgj gjdf ehg eu geh ug bg b b b b b b b b

  • People aren't good at heart.

    The Holocaust was a major part of history and also a sad one and this shows that people aren't good at heart because the Nazi's killed without conscious. “Were Jews the only ones to suffer? No, brutal Nazi murders had extended to at least five million other innocents. Victims included Russians, Poles, Czechs, Slavs, Gypsies, and others whom the Nazis called “inferior races. Gypsies were especially targeted for mass killings. The Hitlerites killed between 270,000 and 500,000 Gypsies of all ages Seemingly without any pangs of conscience."

  • People are NOT good at heart

    People are not good at heart because if they were such events like Holocaust, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Kalamazoo Shooting, the World Wars, Slavery, etc that would have never happened if people were good at heart. We would have had a better world if cruel people (such as Donald Trump) never did these things

  • They are not

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  • No people do what best for them

    People are evil and greedy. We do what best benfits us and dont care for the effect of it on others Darwin said it best. Surival of the fitest we do what we want when we want becuase we are selfish. WE do what We want because it benafits us

  • Anne is gay

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  • Anne sucks bbc

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-07T17:51:42.823
There is no yes/no answer to this question. It depends on how the person was raised and what their morals have developed into. Yes humans CAN BE capable of being selfless at their choosing, but moreover relies on their will or want to do so. Compare and Contrast how a serial killer was raised compared to someone of famous selflessness.