• They dont understand and are bad at research and being social to gamers kinda like racists

    Old people (sometimes even parents) don't understand why and they are so stupid so they scorn gamers and get a heated response on why and scorn them for being angry though they could just ask like a sane person. All they hear and believe are stereotypes from fear mongers and other idiots and don't think about it once, not one damn second to think about gamers as people or as gaming as something other as a waste of time.

  • Many people are indeed so...

    They either like to stereotype people who enjoy videogames as perpetual nerdy virgins, people who live in their parents' basements and swear at people during online matches on Call of Duty (happens, but not as often as people think), violent sociopaths, deadbeats, or girls who only do it to get attention.

    Games have come and still do come, in many different genres and on many different consoles. Different people play them. But the stigma attached to playing and enjoying videogames is unfair and unjust. Just because someone chooses that as a form of entertainment doesn't make them any less intelligent or any more thuggish than someone who doesn't play games; it all depends on the person.

  • Yes, I think they are

    Most people have the wrong stereotypical idea of people who are gamers. Many people view them as weirdos, losers, antisocial, and potentially dangerous. In reality, most gamers are very intelligent people who enjoy a certain hobby. I work at an engineering firm and almost all the engineers are gamers and are all very intelligent and successful.

  • I don't like to generalize, but in many cases, non-gamers develop the wrong ideas about gamers.

    I'm a mature gamer and in many cases I do find that people who do not game have formed unusual stereotypes about gamers. Many people tend to view gamers as socially inept basement dwellers coated in a layer of Cheet-O dust, or violent criminals in the making. But with gaming becoming a more prevalent pastime, and gaming attracting a diverse array of people, I think that the stereotypes are beginning to vanish. Soon perhaps we will be seen as what we are - a wide variety of people from all walks of life who happen to enjoy gaming.

  • Yes people are ignorant against gamers

    I think that there is a social stigma when it comes to gamers and their devotion and dedication to games, and therefore too many people who don't play games put them down. Gamers like to live in their own world and play games often, and are not hurting anyone and should be left alone to just play games.

  • Yes, some people are ignorant about modern games

    In the span of just twenty years, video games have made leaps and bounds in terms of quality - both visual and storywise. Adults who are more familiar with Pac-Man and quarter arcades might be disdainful of people who identify as "gamers" - they're just wasting time with a game that has no redeeming qualities. This attitude persists to the point where many people don't consider video games to be an art form. Yet, many modern series like the Mass Effect trilogy, the Portal series, and smaller indie games like Braid feature problem solving, deep storylines, and innovative art on par with many tv shows and movies. Not all video games are as meaningful as all that, of course, but as a relatively new medium, I do think that some people remain ignorant about what gamers actually do when they play games.

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