Are people in poverty responsible for their position?

  • At least in part, though the difficulty shouldn't be minimized

    Being born in an affluent family is a good boost, though it doesn't always guarantee success. Being born in a poor family is an obstacle, a lot of challenges, but does not, by any means, guarantee failure.

    The problem is, nobody owes anyone their daily bread. I am thankful people take it upon themselves to help those in need. I know I do, and hope that if I am in rough shape, that others would do the same.

    But we are the captains of our own ships. Our life state is our responsibility, and it seems a violation of our most basic freedoms to expect it to be any other way.

  • People can change

    People can change their own lives by working harder in school, not getting in trouble and helping others. Can every poor person honestly say they have worked their hardest throughout their lives? This is why their is lots of poverty in the world. They must help themselves. We can't do any more.

  • Work harder in school

    People who are poor tend to misbehave the most in school, should we help people that aren't helping themselves? This is my view on this debate and I disagree that you are going to stay poor if you are born poor, PEOPLE CAN CHANGE THEIR OWN LIVES WE MUST LET THEM!!

  • If you're born poor, you're born poor.

    What can a child who is born into poverty do to possible improve their position? They obviously can't. It is not that child's fault they are poor. As a society, it is our responsibility to give that child the best opportunity possible to improve their life. Unfortunately, we are not doing that and it is creating a cycle of generational poverty.

  • People don't choose to live in poverty.

    People do not want or choose to live in poverty. While it is true there are some that may be able to do better than they do, it is certainly not the normal case. People live in nations where there is no access to food, clean water, an education, or jobs. This is not because they want to. No sane person would be hungry, thirsty, cold, or poor on purpose.

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