• Yes, they have been losing privacy steadily

    U.K. residents have experienced a steady deterioration of privacy rights ever since the events of September 11, 2001, much like their counterparts in the U.S. Recent terrorist attacks in the European Union have increased public fear, and when citizens are frightened, they are more willing to exchange some privacy rights for security.

  • After Brexit, UK citizens losing some privacy rights

    Much of the loss is due to a lack of clear ideas about what their digital rights should be. Previously, all relevant law about digital privacy came from the EU. With Brexit, many citizens are likely to have less online privacy than they did just a short time ago, although they may not notice.

  • yes it seems so.

    Now that the new law will be passed by the Government of the United Kingdom which allows them to snoop and spy over its citizens, I guess the people in the U K will definitely be deprived of some of their privacy rights. I guess this law is not going to go down well with the people there.

  • It's not a right in public.

    A person has no right to privacy for what they do in public. If a person goes to a restaurant, another person can film them if they want to. The same is true for people walking down the street. A right to privacy exists only in certain places, such as in the home, or in a public bathroom.

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