Are people inherently different from one another?

  • People are inherently different by genetics

    A lot has to do with the way people are raised too. Many people suppress their true thoughts because their family will not approve. Most people are just genetic different, which makes them think the way they do. There is a genetic difference between the way Republicans think and the way Democrats think.

  • Yes, though many are similar.

    Everyone is different. Every person has different genes, experiences, memories, likes and dislikes. While it is possible to find someone very similar to you in some ways, such as what style of entertainment you enjoy, it is impossible for that person to be exactly the same as you. Everyone brings something new to the table.

  • We Are All Unique

    I believe people are inherently different from one another, but at the same time very much the same at a basic level. Humans are intricate and ever evolving. We are like snowflakes, all different but made for the same purposes. Our individual uniqueness should not draw lines between certain groups or attitudes.

  • We are all unique.

    Yes, people are inherently different from one another, because there are no two people who are alike. We each have our own unique genetic makeup. There are not two people who are exactly alike. Even twins have their own unique experiences, that influence what they think and how they believe.

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