• There has to be

    With a growing population.. Otherwise where would we be at? While I don't agree that people should be forced to help because I do agree that some people do not have the best intentions, in fact a lot of people don't, but I do also think that there should be some balance between the two. Too many people have stopped caring and not enough care to. This is why I think people should be morally obligated.

  • Remember the question, guys.

    Do people have morals? Do we have feelings on what goes around us? Are we capable of observing that which goes on around us, and thinking about it? Haven't most of us been taught at a young age about what is right and what is wrong? I should think so. Moral obligation says we should help others. But that doesn't mean we do what we are morally obligated to do.

  • Who else will?

    The sun? The stars? The ants? The wishes? The fairies? The water? The laughing? The nepotism? The schools? The non-existent money? The radiation? The cat hair? The Moon? The sea? The word count? Math? Tsunamis? Weather? TV? Facebook? Reagan? Plate tectonics? E-coli? Gasoline? Soil? Robots? Anti-biotics? Snarky trolls? Polite trolls?

  • Dishonesty is everywhere

    I can see the virtue of helping the needy, but the truth is that many people are just lazy, or even dangerous. Some people who hold signs on street corners make millions a year that way. Some people are perfectly capable of getting a job decide it would be easier to live off the generosity of others. Some people will pretend to be helpless, while they are really some kind of axe murderer and will make you their next victim when you offer them a ride. Some people really do have jobs, but they spend their entire paycheck guzzling beer. Some people are honestly in need, but until we find a way to sort the good from the bad, my money will stay in the pocket of the man who earned it

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