• Yes. I think that's very true.

    Moreover, there's a lot less civility when people debate each other regarding politics and other issues, because people often feel very, very strongly about their opinions on various issues. I believe that a good bit of this increased rudeness, incivility and crudeness was brought about by the 1960's and early to mid-1970's, when the sort of "If it feels good, do it" attitude prevailed, and still prevails now, to a certain extent.

    Posted by: mplo
  • LOL yes and it gets worse

    I've been to Germany and almost everyone i met is the nicest and most respectful person you'll ever meet.When i came back to the USA i realized where the rudeness and assholeness comes from. A lot of people in the usa are assholes plain and simple. They talk back there superiors and disrespect there parents. They think there entitled to everything just because there american and there so snobby. Americans have there noses so high they'll drown in the rain

  • Yes, people are more disrespectful

    With polarized ideologies reinforced by biased news sources, people are taking political disagreements personally. No longer are differing opinions just differing opinions, but disagreements are a personal slight on a person's intelligence and morals. With opinions so divided, people are more disrespectful today. And with the internet and the ability to criticize and defame anonymously it only enhances the disrespectful climate.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I look around and see daily examples of people who are rude, discourteous, aggressive, and predatorial. It seems as if basic human courtesies and niceties are out of style with more and more people nowadays, especially with the younger generation. People cutting people off on the highways, not saying please or excuse me in daily interactions, blasting music loud enough to rattle windows; kids cussing and being disruptive and disrespectful in restaurants, libraries, stores, etc.-- these are just a few examples. And I'm not sure if it's just my perception that people today are more disrespectful than past generations, or if it is indeed sn accurate analysis. But from what I remember as a kid/teenager growing up, society seemed a little kinder and more civilized 25 years ago

  • Yes, many are more disrespectful.

    Many are more disrespectful this day and age. Compared to previous times, people are more likely to be rude, crude and socially un-accespeable in public. Past generations believed in putting on a good face when out in public; they were not as likely to draw negative attention to themselves. Today's society does not care as much about what others think.

  • Yes, people are more disrespectful this day and age.

    Yes, people are more disrespectful this day and age. It is commonly thought that people in past eras were better mannered. This may have something to do with the fact that there was a much more solid sense of community in towns and cities throughout the United States in generations past.

  • Disrespectful? No. Untraditional? Yes.

    In this generation, people are not becoming more disrespectful, but untraditional. People are finding their own beliefs instead of obeying questionable authority. Everyone doesn't agree on the same thing and that's ok, it's also ok to stand up for those beliefs instead of submitting. There have always been jerks, now they can voice their opinions on social media like everyone else.

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