Are people more moral than they were 10 years ago?

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  • Morals are dying. Nature is commonly forgotten.

    For those who DO NOT educate their kids properly. Parents who do not uphold communication with their children suffer moral degradation. Morals are also volatile, changing over time through influence. There's a reason why people think Gay, Transgender, or any other moralistic stance on anything is the way it is, still one must consider that we are a product of nature and easily possible to get detached from it. Most good people abide by what is natural instead of what morals and thoughts determine, but is also necessary to have a moral compass.

  • People are sticking less to their traditional values

    People are sticking less to their traditional values so they are now more open to letting the media's bad influence affect them.
    Teenagers are texting while adults are speaking to them. They don't even listen to people anymore. This is is getting really bad. Especially with all the movies and music we watch and listen to nowadays. Kids watch The Hangover and listen to Trinidad James all day.

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Quan says2013-07-10T19:26:28.900
There is no more/less moral. Just different morals. By all objective criteria, such as crime rates, we're actually "more moral" today than in previous decades. The Internet just makes negative behaviour a lot more visible.