Are people naturally evil in your opinion? Why/why not?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Human nature dictates evil

    Humans are naturally evil, selfish, callous, greedy and cruel. We want power, and exert it by bullying and causing suffering to those below us, a power play. This part of our nature, yet it can still be resisted. Those who defy their own nature can strive to become "better" people. This journey leads inevitably to failure and self loathing. Humanity as a whole is only kept in line by fear and respect for those perceived to be above them.

  • Humans are naturally selfish

    Humans are naturally selfish and therefore more likely to act toward selfish goals than what will benefit the majority. And when humans perform good deeds, it is seldom that those good deeds are done from pure intentions, for the right reasons. Humans would only be good if their hearts were pure, and so far they haven't shown that they are capable of such virtue without first becoming born again.

  • No, Human Nature is Essentially Cooperative

    Actually, people in general tend to be kind. The bad guys make the news,
    but the schoolteachers, firemen, nurses, and crossing guards are on the
    job every day. They are the people who really make the world what it is.
    Evolutionary biologists say that people have evolved to be altruistic,
    because cooperation was a survival trait when we all lived in hunting bands
    and had to fight off wild beasts together. Whatever the reason, most
    people are full of quiet kindness.

  • People don't know evil

    Very few if any really know true evil. Everyone naturally does EVERYTHING that we perceive as good or beneficial in some way. No one naturally wants an apple and then proceeds to toss that apple in the trash. Unless that apple is perceived as against our definition of good. Al Capone believed he was a the "good" guy. In my opinion, I believe he was a "good" guy according to his belief system. No individual or collective people are naturally inclined to destroy what they perceive as good. Illustrating at the cognitive level, it takes a serious (not Hitler, Capone, the Joker or other chumps) but a serious paradox to truly become "evil". Which I define as the disposition to oppose all desired and undesired outcomes including the desire for no outcome. Something that is definitely not natural, nor even possible to develop. Even "evil" ENFP's only seek the opposite of what they and others believe is desireble, but they can't actually seek the opposite of desire itself. For no desire is really only the desire for no desire. So yes this is why I believe no people are naturally, in the true sense of the word evil. It's not possible. But that person can still be douche. And thus perceived as contrary to our desire, we will burn them at the stake.

  • No, not naturally at least.

    No, people aren't natural evil. Yes, people can be evil, but us-humans are taught that it doesn't come natural. We were not born just being evil.(for the people that are.) Or we did not just wake up one day and be evil. A lot of things can make a person evil;or make them do evil things. It could be revenge, hatred, or just plain stress. Anyway, it's not from the heart. :)

  • People not naturally evil

    As far as my opinion is concerned about the topic "are people naturally evil", I would like to give the preference of my opinion in the favor of a big NO.
    Thinking in a psychological way, it's not the people who are evil, it is there mind or their thoughts which turn out to be evil for others if that mind is deprived of its growth and guidance.
    As often, it has been said that " the mind is a dangerous weapon even to the possessor if he does not know how to use it".
    It totally depends the kind of environment you are giving to yourself and your mind. For example if a family with educated and experienced people will surely be considered as a role model for today's society. People who are aware of the time and have faith in the laws of nature do not let their mind get affected or attracted towards negativity and evil.
    It is the thoughts inside a little corner in one's brain that makes a person to perform an action, be it good or evil. This cannot be made a general issue to think of in my opinion.

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