Are people obliged to protest or care about any rights?

  • The 1st amendment guarantees it

    The 1st amendment guarantees the right to free speech, Thus allowing people to protest and care about any rights. While I don't always agree with certain protests *cough cough woman's march cough cough* I stand by their right to voice their opinions. This is one of the reasons why I think why America is the greatest country in the world.

  • America was founded on revolution.

    To those calling violent protests a criminal act, That sucks for you. America was founded on revolution. My two cents, If you don't like the way the country is run, Arm up, Make a small militia, And shoot for your rights. People will die, People will mourn, But what is a couple thousand dead law enforcement officers, And a thousand dead politicians to two whole cities that were nuked in Japan? If you want change, Peaceful protesting will get you nowhere. You are just background noise to the people signing papers. July 4th, 1776, Would not be an important date if colonials' weren't willing to kill for change, So I think it's time for us to man up for humanity.

  • Headline is a bit contrary.

    Here's why:

    Obliged to protest is a definite no. Not everyone has the time or wanting to protest. Protesting takes many forms, And some are just way too demanding. I debated with a friend about this, Where he called all protesters criminals. Another said protesting was fine, As long as it was peaceful. However, In that regard, If property is damaged or people are violent, Then it is no longer peaceful. We now live in an age, Where counter-protesters will try to instigate the protesters and/or someone will join a protest just to make it non-peaceful.

    On the flipside, Caring about basic human rights is very important. I believe that there is a bare minimum that people are expected to give in terms of respect and decency, No matter their country of origin, Skin color, Language that they speak, Or who they worship. Morally speaking, We are all humans and should treat each other like fellow humans first. I have met some people that do not believe this though. . . They would rather chastise anyone not meet their standards. I have a friend who even told me that if someone looked Middle-Eastern, They did not deserve to be treated like a human being. Because to them, They were sub-human and all terrorists. I was appalled. He was stereotyping entire groups of people who happen to live in the same general area. That is like comparing someone who lives in New York City to someone from Albany, New York, Based on a few reports of "bad" people from New York City out of millions of people. Not everyone is the same as those few.

    In the end, It is about morals and treating people to a certain degree and not just listening to a single story fallacy. I recommend watching Chimamanda Adichie's "The Danger of the Single Story" for reference.

    If you want the world to be in your way, I think that people should care and try to mold the best world for the majority of the people in it.

  • Protesting is patriotic

    A true patriot is someone who adheres to his/her country’s highest principles and wants the nation to adhere to them as well. When he/she sees something that goes against the ideals of the nation, It is our responsibility to speak up. It is also our duty to fight for people/beings who cannot fight for themselves. In the case of a minority group fighting for their rights, You do not have to belong to that group to fight for their civil liberties. Even though we speak in different tongues, Practice different religious faiths, Adhere to different political ideologies, Our hearts beat as one. I don’t belong to any marginalized minority, But I sympathize with them and want them to be treated equally with the majority.

  • Nope, Here's why

    We live in a free country and can do whatever we want with our lives. If that includes living a political free lifestyle, So be it. Nobody has the right to tell you that you have to care about anything frankly. It's not a privilege for a reason. It's your right.

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