Are people overreacting to Trump becoming president?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • Trump became President through a democratic process.

    Trump won because he struck a cord with the working class. I come from a small town, where the biggest employing factory packed up its bags and left. Trump campaigned on bringing jobs back. Hillary...Not so much. I understand the critics, as Trump is not articulate, and he says some stupid stuff, but every little thing he does or says is extremely scrutinized beyond the need.

  • Hypocrisy from the media

    All anyone could talk about during the election was if Trump would accept the results "when Hillary Clinton won"... Now that he is president, the media and democrats are doing anything they can to undermine him. It's more entertaining for them to "poke the bear" and try to get a reaction out of Trump and then act surprised when he reacts which is why they lost.Their (democrats) focus was on the wrong thing during the election.

  • Why he won

    Yes it's obviously ridiculous. Just look at my voting record:
    Obama-08 and 12
    I only ever watched CNN or MSNBC for news. HRC campaign supported calls for white men like me to "check" my white priviledge. LOL. Grew up in poverty. I did poor in HS. I did go to college with the same financial aid as many of black peers. I worked 2 jobs. I studied hard. I made real efforts and followed the rules to get where I am and my first job after finishing was with a company with 107 employees, of which 4 were white. 4. Seriously. 100 were black. We all make good money. Very Sick of being told I am the problem. Sick of the hypocrisy and name calling/labeling. Voted for Trump. The end.

  • Boiled over sentiments and lack of understanding as a nation

    Trump won the vote for the very reason that he IS the political outsider. He's the only outsider in this campaign, other than bernie, who was willing to address the issue of corruption in this election. The fact that Hillary Clinton was the living embodiment of the establishment certainly helped trump supporters to be more passionate about their cause.

  • Many people are overreacting

    I will allow that Mexicans and Muslims have reason to be scared based on campaign promises that Trump has made. But life isn't going to take a drastic turn for the worse for women and other marginalized groups. Plus, it's looking more and more like the alt right got bait and switched by the Trump campaign. In his victory speech, he emphasized that he was going to rebuild inner cities and be a president for all Americans. And since winning the election, his campaign site has removed a statement saying that he is going to ban Muslims from entering the US.

    I'm not standing up for any of his campaigning tactics, and he's certainly not a great role model for America's youth. But Hillary is also a terrible role model. And considering how much he seems to have changed his tone since being elected, I think there's plenty of reason for optimism that Trump's presidency won't spell doom for America.

    I would have very reluctantly voted for Hillary if I lived in a swing state, but as we stand today I feel much better about Trump as president than I did a week ago. Best case scenario it will take him a long time to gain the trust of basically all marginalized groups, but if the far left can be as open minded as they claim to be, and if trump's victory speech proves to be somewhat sincere, things might not be so bad after all

  • Definitely an overreaction

    I am on a college campus, and there were literally people crying and skipping class because they were so "devastated" and "terrified." People do not understand the basics of government and are just so eager to feel victimized that the ones who seemed to be at the least of the receiving end of his questionable comments are the ones most paralyzed by his win. Part of this victory can be attributed to the left's overuse of "sexism, racism, etc" so when a questionable candidate emerged and they started labeling him that way, people were already so sick of it that they didn't really care about that anymore. At this point, his words cannot be outweighed by the struggles of the middle class the past eight years.

  • Look at Past Republican Presidents

    All of our past Republican Presidents have been socially conservative - AND YET we have yet to overturn Roe v Wade and other past social victories. Opponents of Trump have blown his victory so out of proportion that there have been reports of transgender kids attempting/committing suicide. What are they hearing from the adults and the news media - Wow!

    Posted by: emb1
  • Opposers of trump dont know what they are talking about.

    They have no grasp on modern politics or any politics whatsoever, they simply listen to anything the media spoon feeds them. They dont think for themselves they just assert bold claims without evidence and get upset when people challenge their ridiculous false statements with logic and fact. A common example of this is the far left claiming Donald Trump said "all mexicans are rapist" when in reality he said "They are bringing drugs, their bringing crime, they are rapist, and some I assume is good people" which clearly shows he is taking into account the fact that a lot of crime comes out of the southern border. People will do anything to warp and opposing persons words to fit their agenda.

  • As someone who didn't vote for trump, the reactions to the trump presidency are just ridiculous

    No he's not going to build a wall. No he's not deporting muslims. He's not going to start ww3
    theres a reason we have a system of checks and balances, and it'll still work even if the republicans control all the branches atm. The majority of republicans in congress are still very traditional, establishment politicians whom will force trump into more moderate positions.
    And to the hillary supporters, please stop being hypocrites. If hillary had won and trump supporters mass protested and flooded social media with #notmypresident, there would be an immense backlash against them. Yet the current republican sentiment over liberal bitterness is unjustified??? Please reevaluate yourselves: apparently tolerance is only applicable when regarding people similar to you

  • Get over it

    I don't know why everyone is freaking out, except maybe Trump supporters because America has been reclaimed for the American people, but aside from that- we just had a democratic election, and decided not to elect a felon and a sex offender (Hillary Clinton), it's no big deal really .

  • There are so many reasons

    Honestly I think part of why Trump won is that there are so many reasons he is a bad president that when people try to communicate how bad he is it's difficult to summarize and they lose the audience.

    He says Mexicans are rapists, he says all black people are poor, he is supported by the KKK. He said we should use nuclear weapons.

    He has stated that he has groped and kissed women without their consent and many women have come forward to report that.

    He defrauded people out of their money with the Trump University scam.

    And yet he won. Granted he didn't win the popular vote, but the fact he was able to get so many votes is very discouraging.

  • He is the worst

    Donald Trump is racist and sexist and I personally believe that him becoming presidents is one of the worst decisions made in the history of the American Democracy. Donald ran for president for publicity and is not prepared nor deserving of the job. This is why people are not overreacting.

  • Absolutely, this could very well end in Civil War.

    Americans are more divided now then any other point in our history, with the exception of the Civil War. Americans are angry, desperate and feel disenfranchised. These feelings will only increase under a Trump presidency. People take only so much, before they rise up and start to fight back. It's only a matter of time until their homegrown terrorist attacks. This is more than just an election, they clearly illustrates the racism, sexism, and intolerance that is obviously rampant in America.

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