• People are playing too much PUBG games

    Everyone have heard of the hot game PUBG. People around us are always playing it and they never stop. This shows that people are too into the game.Playing too much of the game may reduce chances of communication between your family and friends. There was a news about the mother was angry because her son was playing too much PUBG. Thus, I think that people are playing too much PUBG game

  • No, Why? Because

    If you ask me, People play fortnite waaaaaaaay too much. The cartoonish ripoff of PUBG. I never hear anyone say "I WON ON PUBG! " instead, All I hear is from that sad sack of a game that shouldn't exist. I just don't understand how people can tolerate it. It's stupid.

  • One cannot generalize based on some extreme cases.

    There are definitely people who play too much PUBG, but then again there are people who go out too much, people who lie too much and people who eat too much. This does not mean that everyone who plays PUBG is playing too much. Also "Too much" is extremely subjective as there are those who believe that an hour a day of games is too much whereas some believe that it is fine to play for 4-8 hour per day.

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