• They have to be. What "sane" God would send people to burn forever if he loves us all?

    I believe in a God, But I don't think it's fair for even Hitler to burn in Hell for all eternity. Maybe a year or two, But still. The bible's definition of Hell is horrifying. Everyone say's, "protect the children", But "raising" them up on the idea that they will burn if they don't be a mindless slave to their parents, The government, Etc. , Without questions is terrible and is contradictory if God in the bible, "loves all". Also, How can God justify the oppression against children?

  • Is there even a heaven?

    Your average Christian will tell you that God gave you free will, Yet he has a plan. However, Free will is incompatible with the idea that all events are already planned, Nor is it compatible with the idea that God is omniscient, Which includes seeing into the future. Therefore, This is an illogical position. The second question: how do we know there is a heaven? The only way to know is to die, And we cannot come back to life after death. We do not know whether or not we will go to heaven, Hell, Some other afterlife or be reborn.

  • Hell is the default, As perfect places are only perfect when they have perfect people

    Hell is horrifying. What a lot of people don't know is that since Heaven is perfect, We are required to be perfect to live in a perfect place, But nobody is perfect! Here on Earth, Everyone has sinned, Even though He gives us a way to dodge sinning every time. Because of that, Our default is hell. God doesn't send us to hell, We send oursleves and He only honors our choice. But God is a God of love, And He gave us the gift of Jesus to take our place, As we were the ones who were supposed to die for our sins. Another thing that lot's don't know is that God gave us laws not to restrict us from fun, But to protect us, As He loves us and wants what's best. People aren't slaves for following God, Obeying the government's laws etc. They are slaves to sin. To get to Heaven, The only thing we truly need to do is accept that gift God gave us and believe Jesus really did die for us.

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