• I have predicted things

    Speaking from personal experience, I have predicted a train accident and even won the pick 5 lotto with psychic abilities. I think we all have it. Who hasn't picked up the phone knowing who was calling without caller ID? Maybe we can't control it, be we have the ability! Amazing!

  • It's obvious isn't it?

    I believe all people are psychic. According to studies, everyone is psychic but just hasn't learned it or mastered the ability and "powers". There are many ways to prove this to be honest. You could try to guess what's on a card. Or maybe, (not star wars) if you concentrate, you can move things. If you don't believe me, totally cool.

  • Instances, belief, and Evidence

    There are several instances in which psychic phenomena have occurred. Certain things have not been explained in any other way. There have been numerous frauds, and will continue to be, but there are also so many who have baffled scientists and uncannily been able to do things considered beyond possible. As for evidence, it's true that no evidence has been found for ESP. Therefore, to say it's real, would be inaccurate, because the burden of proof would be on you, in which case you would be hard pressed to find one.

    On the other hand, if you try to say that psychic abilities aren't real, the burden of proof would also be on you, since you're also stating an opinion as a fact, which must be proven.

    In the end, we simply don't know whether ESP exists or not. If it does, it's possible that there may be multiple planes of existence, places where natural laws don't always apply. In that case, like religion/god, ESP cannot be proven or disproven, therefore it's your choice whether you want to believe in it or not.

    Also, intuition IS essentially natural psychic ability. It's not intuition just knowing someone may be worried because of the look on their face. Intuition would be, meeting someone for the first time, and getting a strange feeling that they're hostile, or troubled, without really having a reason to believe so, and later turning out to be right. Intuition would be, having a strange feeling someone was at the location you were a short time ago, and they were. Intuition would be, getting a strange feeling you shouldn't go somewhere, and then finding out that a bad incident took place there, or maybe you choose to disregard your feelings and end up in a car accident.

    As you can see, intuition is essentially your natural sixth sense. Reading facial expressions refers to perception; psychologically we can tell that a person is going through something by their face expression. Psi phenomenon is extra-sensory perception; knowing something without your conventional five senses. For example, someone smiles, but you can feel as though something is still wrong, even though they are acting the same.

    There are many people who experience this phenomenon, but disregard it as coincidence. While that very well is a possibility, you shouldn't disregard the possibility of psychic phenomenon either, just because it isn't the only possibility.

  • Maybe I guess.

    Going off of my own experiences, I have had feelings, not really predictions, but feelings that things would happen, things that I would have no reason to believe. One instance was, while doing homework, I all of a sudden knew my cousin I haven't heard from in a few years would contact me, via email. And that night he did. I have no idea why I knew it, but I did. Weird. I've had smaller instances as well. So I really don't know much about it, but going off of my own experiences, I would say it's possible, although I'd never pay a psychic or anything.

  • Is this actually being debated? Eh okay.

    People are not psychic. There are 1 million dollar prize winnings if you can prove that you are psychic. So far, no one has won that 1 million dollars. I think that pretty much disproves any theory about "are people psychic".

    The only thing that's real about psychics is that I have a fairly hard time spelling it correctly, I always seem to miss out on one c.

  • Psychics are not Real.

    Most psychics use questions that relate to many people, making them appear as if they were psychic. For example, psychics ask you how a certain number (any number) relates to you or a loved one and it is easy for someone to relate to any number. I do believe in an afterlife, but I don't believe people can talk to people who have passed away.

  • Intuition is not psychic.

    People may have good intuition, or may be able to read faces well, but that does not mean that they are physic. For example, I may guess that something is troubling someone because of the worried look on their face. This does not mean I know what is troubling them, just that they are bothered.

  • Proof what proof!

    Their is no! Scientific evidence for psychic's existing if their was during double blind tests they would be more successful results than chance could provide, I don't think their has been any single intellectually honest survey that has proved this! And if you are a psychic predict the euro lottery 10 times in a row perfectly!

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