Are people responsible for the characteristics of their own personalities?

  • People are responsible with what they DO with their personality.

    I probably have genetic predisposition of short temper. My father has it, as do most of my brothers. I was raised with my father and brothers around, so there was certainly an environmental predisposition to act with temper as well. This does not excuse me from losing my temper! I need to work harder in that area than others who don't have such a predisposition. Most people who haven't seen me let go would be shocked to hear that I do, in fact, have temper issues, because I DO work at it so much harder. I have never abused my family, but if I ever did, that would be FULLY MY FAULT. I can not blame that on somebody or something else.

    The buck stops here.

  • Individuals are somewhat responsible for their own disposition.

    Some part of an individual's disposition is determined by chance: the chance of genetics and experience. But the individual is able to make conscious decisions in order to change their behavior - consider the individual who identifies that they are unnecessarily brash toward customer service personnel and consciously changes their actions to amend this. We cannot say that they still hold their previous disposition of being rude to service personnel - they have in fact updated their personality to become more amiable towards them! Instead, we must conclude that the individual has some measure of selective control over his/her own personality.

  • An individual holds some responsibility for their personality traits.

    An individual is somewhat responsible for their personality traits. Some parts of our personalities are determined by 'nature and nurture', or the chance of genetics and experience. However, the other part of who we are is determined by free personal choice. A person who finds that they are brash when they talk to customer service individuals can make the conscious decision to engineer their own disposition - through action - to become more amiable. Simply put, individuals are responsible for their actions because it is possible for them to make conscious changes to their behavior, and therefore their personality.

  • The type of person you are is not chosen by yourself, but by chance.

    Characteristics of personality are the byproduct of a number of causes, and the two primary ones are your genes and your experiences. You cannot choose which family you are born into and what kind of person you are born as, nor can you choose events which occur in your childhood which really leave an impression on you and come to shape who you are. With this in mind, and the fact that everything we do because of our personalities, are people then truly responsible for their actions, if their actions are a byproduct of their personalities and their personalities are formed outside of their control?

  • People are most definitely NOT responsible for their personality.

    If people could control their personality a lot of people would be very different. I myself am a very negative person and I have tried several times to "change" and be a more friendly but the fact is, I couldn't give a sincere compliment to someone to save my life. I was born unfriendly, rude, selfish, and arrogant but I also have my good qualities. And honestly if anyone told me they had a problem with me I wouldn't care.
    Now, I can ACT nice when I want to and need to but, actions and personality are two different things.

  • They are not responsible,

    Many times it is not your fault whether you pass through certain experiences that shape who you are today, it is true that you do not choose the type of family your born into, neither some of the experiences you have while growing up. It is not the person who is responsible, a psychopath becomes one normally because of childhood experiences, it is not his/her fault is it?

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