Are people taking it too far blaming fast food restaurants for obesity?

  • Its all you!!!

    Its your choice to go in there in order whatever you want..Mcdonalds dont put a gun to your head and make you do anything. But there is also a whole lot of other reasons for obesity. So back off my mcdonalds, and popeyes and other good restaurants. Because i eat fast food but i also do that magic word exercise.

  • Oh yes ladies and gentalman

    Let me get started about the fast food lovers for the people, we all Americans belong to the land of the free. I personally disagree about blaming the fast food restaurants for the people; I think it is a lack of exercise. The Fast Food restaurants really had a war. There are a lot of commercials of fast food for such as everyone’s favorite McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s (my personal opinion for the healthiest fast food yet.), and somewhat Sonic(a drive-in). I think everybody should not blame the fast food, they should blame on themselves for not having the will to exercise.

  • Yes, people are taking it too far by blaming fast food for obesity.

    Obesity is not caused by fast food restaurant chains. People have control over what it is that they put into their mouth to eat. Most of us would acknowledge that fast food is not particularly healthy to eat. With this knowledge, one would also know that they can become obese if they do not exercise enough and eat primarily fast food.

  • It's not the fast food.

    Yes, fast food chains have extremely fattening foods, but in reality it isn't the Fast food. If you eat it everyday, then that's your fault. You can very well go and make food. Eating an occasional Big Mac doesn't hurt you. Obviously obese people are obese because they don't watch their weight and they could care less! You make your food choices!!

  • People say is fast food but it's not it

    People with obesity problems blame the fast food for their problems, but the truth is that they have this problem because they don't care about their physic. It is a reality that fast food makes you fat but if you exercise, you could eat fast food without having a obesity problem.

  • Yes they are

    The fast food companies are not forcing you to eat the food they serve. People are blaming them for making them fat but this is completely unfair. If you really want to find the culprit, then look at your self and change. Don't make it all about the fast food companies because you are to lazy to do anything about it yourself.

  • I worked with it so I know...

    I've seen people from all different backgrounds and situations come in and buy food. I'm going to say it, some don't need the things that they are getting. Sometimes those same people get something healthy. Don't blame fast food chains for obesity, blame the consumers. No one forced them to get a Big Mac. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  • They're to blame for making people dumb, that's what

    McGarbage, McDoodoo. McS--t, McCrap. The list just goes on an on. McDonald's is the worst place I've ever been too. Fast food, most restaurants in general are just plain garbage. Nothing good about them at all. They all stink. Disgusting, crud nonsense. Putrifying. I can't even begin to tell you how bad fast food is.

  • Who makes the choices?

    I always thought we as the consumers, make the decisions to eat what we do. I guess the government needs to start making decisions for people on what they are suppose to eat? If that is the case, that is ridiculous. Before you know it, our government will be controlling how much air we breathe.

  • Pink Slime problems

    Simple, do your research people. People are uneducated and uninformed on many things and this is one of them. Pink Slime is a major reason why. When all you other people find out what pink slime is and what these fast food places use it for, then you can have an opinion.

  • I would say Yes and No

    -- I have to ultimately pick one right? Well I think blaming fast food restaurants is not taking it too far. I agree to an extent that everyone has their choices to make, and that in many ways, a person is responsible for their diet and therefore responsible for their obesity.

    However, I believe that fast food culture could only be born in light of the fast food industry itself (understandably). But why should we blame capitalist enterprise... They're just making money like any industry right? Well the tobacco industry is similar. Both of these enterprises began many decades ago, and if they didn't have much influence on our lives then - they certainly do now.

    Is it too far to say that the multi-billion dollar fast food industry has not only changed our lives, influenced our eating habits, and taught our children that it's somewhat normal? Do these big companies deserve no blame?

    Obesity is a problem, and these people are addicted to this sort of food. I would never argue however, that the fast food industry is the only entity responsible. There's many reasons, socially and psychologically, that people overeat - the restaurants could never be blamed for that side of things.

    But they are certainly apart of the problem and thus deserve some of the blame. I just feel that the solution to the problem is not really about pointing fingers, but working on solutions.

  • Not at all. "Super Size Me"


    Of course, humans make their own choices; but, fast food restaurants have made it too easy to fill up on fatty foods in huge sizes at cheap prices.

    Prior to fast food restaurants, people went to good restaurants and ate healthy food, for the most part. You had to sit down and have a meal just like at home. Your meals usually included all food groups, and your meal would take from 30 minutes to an hour.

    Before McDonalds opened restaurants in Japan, most people were lean and had healthy diet. Now, they have an obesity problem. This is happening in many countries, e.G., India, China, France.

  • Do not ease the pain!

    Most fast food restraint use corn product that are mutated so they are use for unnatural sugar also when they drop the food on the ground .They pick it back up so now you are sick and fat thus have muscle problem. The government cant do any thing about the corn because is a native crop.When I stop going to fast-food I have gotten stronger faster and lose weight now I can pick up my dad, mom, and brother and they are older than me.

  • Of course not

    I know the restaurants don't shove it down your throat and you can definitely choose not to eat there. But the fast food places make it really hard decision. Most family would say no to a deal like they give, it could be more than $100 in savings for big families like mine, people don't just say nah ill spend $100 more for less food just to not gain a pound.

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