Are people that dont believe in God going to hell?

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  • Non-believers Not Going to Hell

    No, people that do not believe in a God or gods are not going to "hell". There is no scientific evidence for the existence of a God or gods, thus there can be no scientific evidence for the existence of hell. Therefore, it is impossible to go to a place that does not exist.

  • No, we cannot say who is going to hell or even if it exists.

    Hell is a concept originating in a time where people were even more ignorant of science. In many ways it is a concept used to comfort people that supposedly bad people will go there and suffer. It could also be a tool to control people and scare them. In truth we have not even left earth to live elsewhere, how can we say that we know the secrets of the universe (like hell)?

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james_barnett75 says2013-12-06T01:44:16.930
That depends on who you ask. Believers will say "yes". An atheist might say "There is no hell for a non-believer to go to" . An agnostic might say "idk" or say something similar to what I just said.