• Just look at the pic of the skeletons!

    Evangambit, you seem unable to differentiate between the body/brain and culture.

    All cultures are fiction.
    All the things that you describe are just the frosting on the cake, not the cake.
    Heinlien dramatized all this in "Stranger in a Strange Land".
    I don't care for h is misogyny but he made the point that the culture is not the DNA

  • Yes and no.

    Everywhere in the world you will find good people and bad people, people who want to try and help others and those who care more about themselves. However, each and every person is different. Even if we act in a similar way others we still have our own thought process and unique output on life.

  • Yes, in every culture you will find one of the same

    It's like in another part of the world you will find your counterpart. I have found that throughout cultures you always find people of the same culture that behave much like their white or black counterparts. This is very common. It's interesting to know that people are all the same.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Yes because we all human beings and should be treated and respected the same way

    Reality is people don't look and even talk the same but then again in the constitution we all equal and should be treated and respected equal...Whether you are a women or a man...Simple question would people be abusing each other if we look and think of the next person as equal as me and respect that person not because the person have a smart car or a little more money, pretty or ugly...A persons a person

  • Everybody is Unique?

    From a very basic perspective, we are all different. From basic physical traits like hair color, height, gender, skin color, etc. To our personalities, there are no two people in the world that are the same. Even identical twins develop very distinct personalities. Even greater than this are the extremely distinct cultures that exist - claiming that a Catholic cardinal is like a native in the Amazon who has never come into contact with technology to a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas is to ignore fundamental differences in cultures. How does one value individualism? Materialism? Spiritualism? To claim anyone is the same as someone else is to ignore the extremely multi-facetedness of what it means to be an individual.

  • How are people the same?

    Everybody isn't the same. People all are different. Some people might be the same but there is always somebody different then you. Even with body parts. People have medal hearts but most of use don't so how are we all the same if there is always that exception. People are just different but can be similar.

  • We all are different

    Sure there are basis things that we share but I thoughts and desires and even natural instincts to a certain degree are different. Examples; different types of dogs different behaviors, different types of cats different behaviors, different type monkeys different behaviors. The only difference with humans is that we can reason but our nature is different as humans.

  • Everyone isn't the same.

    Everyone who says we are the same is nuts. Imagine if we were ALL THE SAME. We would have the same personalities and physical features. Take a look at the world. We have different races, different cultures, different opinions. If we were all the same wouldn't the world be boring?

  • Everyone is Different

    Asking this question is asking a number of questions, namely, what are people? We commonly perceive people to be human beings. Human beings are a species evolved from apes. Different groups spread to different areas and their bodies (and minds) have evolved to be ever so slightly different. The bone structures and pigmentations of different ethnicities around the world is evidence to this and cannot be denied. However, in addition to physical bodies we have our minds. Our minds (though slightly differing) are unified in our consciousness and our experiences as human beings on planet earth. We are each unique beings unified through our consciousness. So, are we the same? No. But, does that make some better than others? No. Just different, unique, conscious.

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