• Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's own ignorance.-confucius

    I must agree with Mrs.Lynch, People should not use the word ignorance to define lack of knowledge or disagreement with your point of view. Ignorance is when someone assumes that the knowledge they have obtained is correct regardless to knowledge presented to them.

    When people are educated for many years they begin to assume that the knowledge they learned is correct and indisputable. Information is gained every year and knowledge that was once facts changes as new evidence is found to prove it wrong. Ignorance is growing not because of a people willing to ignore evidence. Ignorance is growing because information is changing so fast that people are becoming stubborn like rocks in a river refusing to update their knowledge.

  • People are too busy or lazy to think anymore.

    When you are working sixty hours a week and have kids, what time do you have to research all the issues and come up with your own opinions? What you see and hear on the news you will trust, because everyone else does. Which itself could be a sign of ignorance - or just not wanting the extra stress in your life of having to argue with people. Then there are people who are not so much busy as lazy and want to be told what to think because it gives them a headache to figure things out for themselves. Actually that could probably just be called stupidity. My answer is yes, we are becoming ignorant because we just don't have the time or capacity for the extra stress that comes with researching issues, coming up with our own ideas, and defending them. Sometimes I think we are purposely kept busy by the powers that be for just that purpose.

  • Very much so.

    Studies on presidential speeches show that the reading level required to understand said speeches has declined from Abe Lincolns time from a low college level to someone barely out of elementary school today. I think the issue is simply apathy. Most people don't care to see the world around them. We want simple to digest info (elementary speeches) that allow simple understanding. We chase celebrities or reality t.V., forgetting that we have our own lives to live. We become engrossed in another world (or someone else's) instead of investigating and remaining concerned for our own. I know people who can tell you every player in the NFL, their stats, and sordid pasts, but after that, most have nothing else to show. Few will even engage in a conversation about anything other than small talk. They are opinionless and prefer to stay that way, simply adopting whatever stances or opinions their parents/peers, favorite news station, or political party adopts. I don't know if this is as true at large, but it was my experience in my high school.

  • Depends on where- in the US, definitely.

    The average high school senior here in the US cannot answer any basic questions about our nation's history. They are at the bottom of the pile amongst developed nations in mathematics and science knowledge. Americans are repeatedly shown to be ill informed about world affairs, history, literature, and a host of other topics.
    Heck, almost half of Americans think human beings were "created" in the last 10,000 years. Now THAT'S ignorant.

  • Ignorant = ignoring what could be absorbed

    The information tsunami has had the effect of causing people to make decisions and then, look up things to support the decisions and ignore anything that might dismantle the decisions.

    This is sad, really.
    It is delightful to look up many many things and learn learn learn.
    Humans, in general, are not good at updating their knowledge.

  • People today are becoming more ignorant.

    One of the main reasons is the adoption of American values and therefore the bastardization of the English language by the influence of American films, media etc. The following are just a few examples: the habit of beginning each and every answer in a conversation with 'So'; the refusal of critics (for instance) of attributing feminine versions of nouns to females e.g. actress instead of 'actor'; the use of wrong words e.g. 'shined' instead of 'shone'; the splitting of infinitives and the blatant ignorance in the use of pronouns e.g. 'Thank you for seeing my wife and I'! I could go on and on!

  • A woman is accused of human trafficking(not an anti immigration thing just read lol)

    She is allegedly paying people to smuggle families out of mexico and into the US. She is an illegal immigrant whose been here for 20 years. She has 3 daughters 17,15, and 12. Naturally Border patrol picks her up. They grab her mid day as shes walking with her daughter's. They watch as she is hauled into a van and driven off god knows where. They have no father, and BP leaves them on the street. An aunt takes them in, starts a go fund me to help raise money to support the girls for the months itll take for their mother to get a trial. Media drops the story, and a woman in ohio reads it. Now shes about 40, two kids, very christian. But she knows about the "liberal media" so she sees the truth. She goes on to the go fund me account and tells everyone the account is fake. Its just money for the mother so she can get back to being a criminal. The woman from ohio tells all her friends to spread the truth. Eventually people are spouting paragraphs on the girls facebook pages. Adult men and women calling girls whores and illegals. Im not making this up, google perla-luna national city and you can see the details of her arrest. This random woman is so positive that shes right shes willing to block out all other answers to maintain her own. Ignorance is knowing your right. Knowledge is admitting you are wrong. People who rule out any opinion they dislike,be it that illegal aliens need to be deported, or that the aliens are still humans who deserve compassion, are ignorant. Being stupid isnt a sin, but knowing your smarter than everyone else is

  • Americans centre their lives around Hollywood and sports, nothing else.

    Average teacher, Connecticut earns $57760 a year; while an average NBA player earns $5356000 a year. EXPLAIN THIS DISPARITY!!!!!!!!!
    Basically the above wages are a reflection of where Americans' priorities are. Americans are toooo obsessed with sports and Hollywood so they've remained oblivious on what's happening around them that are far more important than a football game. Americans allow Hollywood and sports to consume every minute they have and every dollar they earned. An average American adult can name the squad for his favourite MLB team, but can't name all the scientists from the USA who've won the Nobel Prize. He know every stat and detail of every player in, say, Atlanta Hawks; can't know people in the Senate from his own state.
    Recently I've read a post about more and more Americans believe in Flat Earth. WTF? Earth is a sphere and there's countless evidences to support that statement.
    The ignorance have reached a point where soon it'll consume America and brought America down to knees.

  • People Choose To Be Ignorant

    Ignorant people would rather get their information from alternative sources than doing the research themselves, and I'm not just talking about politics. The news, mainly CNN & FOX, is full of ignorant people and has molded the future generation into believing whatever they want to put out there. Please stop with the ignorance and open up your minds!

  • The world if full of Ignorance

    I can't understand some people most of the time, I am recently 22 and it just annoys me how ignorant people can be sometimes. For example I recently called someone beautiful and they said "sorry I have a boyfriend", the thing is I was just aiming to compliment this girl and didn't want anything else as I am interested in someone else. I walked away thinking to myself on how complimenting someone nowadays can be seen as flirting? Like I was being a nice person and instead get accused of flirting or wanting something from this girl???

    IT is just examples like that in which make people ignorant in this world. Some people should look up the definitions of 'Compliment and 'flirting' before assuming something.

  • No no no...

    Ignorance as a word shouldn't be thrown around like that because you don't agree with other people's opinion. Chances are if you are throwing around the word, you are probably ignorant yourself. I think people naturally construe arguments they don't like, or agree with as ignorant, but does that mean they actually are? No.

  • Ignorance is relative

    Ignorance is defined by Meriam-Webster Dictionary as "destitute of knowledge or education". Using this definition you have to assume that the quantity of knowledge in the universe is universal. Accounting for the increasing number of educated people due to social norms being changed worldwide, it is safe to assume that people are actually being LESS ignorant. The popular definition of ignorant is related to social stigma, where people are disagreeing with the views of popular social culture.

  • No. It's difficult to ignore the information highway when you're usually connected to it.

    Technology has allowed humans to maintain almost 24/7 connections around the world. Information, have almost became instantaneous. With that large amount of information at your fingertips, it's difficult to ignore it all. However, it's also difficult to digest all of that information too.

    Therefore, if someone is unaware of a topic, it is not just because they didn't want to pay attention to it, but it is also because their field of interest already have an overwhelming amount of information.

    Because of this networking technology, most people today know more about what's going on in the world, then most people of the past.

  • Different generations have their own societal issues and ignorant people in different ways.

    1619 there was slavery in America. Ignorant society, ignorant leaders and people.
    Now in 2017 there is Trump in America. Ignorant society, ignorant leaders and people. Moral standards have gone up but it seems like consumerism and false news on various social medias have people making ignorant choices.

    Different eras have their own problems and will always have ignorant people. I'm not sure statistically how you would measure ignorant people and compare today and yesterday. But we've come a long way in the western society in recognizing moral/social injustice, racial issues and human rights. It's not perfect, but we've come a long way. So that to me is the most real indication that people are becoming less ignorant. But let's not stop here, always learn and improve for tomorrow.

  • Ignorant society 2

    Technology has caused ignorant society due to the people belief that the internet is truth plus government and media. Keep the belief because that makes my swap land prime beach front property.
    The lack of ability to think use our brains with out help technology and respect for others has brought stupidity . Facts make truth not just post on internet... Just think like burger joint Wendys says (Where the truth)

  • The Ignorant Gap- Knowledge is out there

    We only think people are becoming more ignorant because there is a bigger gap of knowledge then before. We have SO MANY resources to go to now, internet, more books, travel, to know more and more about everything, but there are only a few people who take this advantage and actually learn, while most people use the internet for games, comedy, and useless garbage. So, some people expand their knowledge while others stay dormant to the knowledge around them.

    Posted by: mbuk
  • Most definitely not.

    When people use "ignorance" these days, it's usually thrown into an opponent's face as an insult when they don't completely agree: "You don't understand my argument, therefore you're ignorant." Simply not sharing an opinion does not constitute ignorance. For example, talking to a person from SRS and not understanding every single facet of LGBT culture does not make one ignorant. It just means that LGBT culture is not something one has read up on at this point. Conversely, understanding every single facet of LGBT does not make one not ignorant. It just means that you spent a lot of time reading up on it. There's a lot of knowledge to be found out there - the Internet has made it so that education is available with a few clicks and a Google search. Scientifically speaking, at least, modern technology is far superior to the Harwell WITCH's of decades ago. Saying that people in the past were smarter than us is an example of Nostalgia Filter.

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