• People can't take a hit

    People are so soft and easily offended by too many things nowadays. Some girl got her mom to hunt down a guy who flipped her on a highway, That's how soft people are. People are so soft that some lose their entire careers because they said stuff that offended a group of people. Tell me that's not extreme

  • Too impulsive and impressionable.

    Yes. The reason the internet is such a haven for censorship, Self-censorship and virtue signalling is precisely because people have been raised on infantile mediums and rhetoric, Then mostly remained in their mainstream social media sites online (if they aren't completely new to the internet) before stumbling across other websites which aren't as overly restrictive, Which accommodate for more broad niches. Following this, Rather than integrate into the culture of the website they stumbled on, They get pissy and try and homogenise and amalgamate this website into being an exact replica of whatever social media site they originated from because they can't handle whatever subjects, Themes or interests the website engages in. This ends up destroying niche cultures and communities if they're successful, Which they often are by virtue of sheer numbers and moderation being unable to pick out these tourists.

  • No the problem is you

    There are places on the internet where you can curse all you want and be rude and share explicit images and have the darkest and crudest of humor. Why would you go to children school zoom meeting and send pornography and racist images to children?

    There are seedy places in real life where you can almost do what you want. I doubt you chump even leave your house.
    The problem is that the majority of people are not like you. They are not socially inept autistic edge lords with apathy that hate the world. They actually think about they say and have something called empathy which people like you are incapable of understanding.

    I see these racist 17 year old boys that hate the world and think Hither was funny and they go around trying to see who could be the most offensive and say the most edgiest thing. Then they get all angry and are too obtuse to comprehend why they were punished for bulling a classmate into suicide.

    I think they watched too much south park as children and now believe themselves to be better than everyone. And they are not even as smart as they make themselves out to be. 115 IQ is not that high.

    Too sensitive? All I have to do is say happy holidays or play some tik tok videos and I will hear your autistic screams.

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