Are people using Nelson Mandela as a right to reverse discrimination?

Asked by: Haroush
  • Just take a look around you..

    Coming from human rights activist and those who believe in civil rights, I see many of them targeting white people as a root cause to racism. IMHO, this is completely bogus and largely immoral on the part of those who want "world peace". I mean, I don't mind people preaching their beliefs, but if you are going to do that, you better be practicing those beliefs too. Personally, me coming from Baltimore, MD, I know all too much about reverse discrimination. The worst part about it ... It goes hardly noticed in the mainstream media. It sickens me to the core. Especially, with things like "knock out game" going on. Though that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Ughhh, when will people see things through their own individual thought, instead of a world view. Why do I even ask that question... Smh.

  • It kinda is

    The whole huge ceremonies sort of just strengthens racism in a way. Racism is here because we recognize races and seperate them. In my opinion , Nelson Mandela was a good man who helped his race, but in the end he too was racist in a way because instead of creating an idea of humans as one, he stuck out blacks and whites which is racism. To not be racist we all have to not recognize race and merge humans into one category: humans.

  • No. No. No.

    Please reply and provide links to show examples of what you are talking about. I'm no South African (SA) historian but this is a ridiculous proposition. You must know 1000x less than I do about SA, apartheid, and the non-violent transition of power to majority rule. There are way too many public/free sources of information about Nelson Mandela, and SA history to still be ignorant in 2013. I have to assume that there is nothing standing between you and easily accessible and objective information, other than YOU yourself. You appear to have access to the internet, use the tool to enrich your life.

  • Nelson Mandela is a not being used as a tool for reverse discrimination.

    Nelson Mandela was a very brave man who spent much of his life in prison for a cause in which he believed. Apartheid South Africa was more than a racially divided country. It was a country in which people of race had no rights. He simply wanted his people to be acknowledged as such. People who express an extreme interest in Nelson Mandela understand that whe he did took a great deal of courage.

  • Not a Racial Question

    Mr Mandela was an African nationalist hence his membership of the AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress (ANC). The official ANC position is one of total non-racialism through which all people can be accepted as Africans. It is critical that we realize the imbalance in social equity that occurs between race groups in South Africa, therefore it is understandable that the upliftment of black Africans is prioritized over the upliftment of the few heavily impoverished whites that exist. Apartheid was economic oppression based on racial discrimination, it is illogical to assume that corrective measures in the economy need to be non-racial and I can assure you that South African whites are still very well off and fully included under the new dispensation.

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