Are people using their mobile devices to much?

Asked by: odins
  • It has gotten so bad that they had to make a law about it.

    The law that states "no texting and driving" shows how big of an issue this is becoming part of the reasons this is happening is because of social media. People will do anything just to get one more like or one more follower that it goes down to a point where they are willing to risk their life for it!!!

  • Using telephone is terrible nowadays

    Especially with new inventions such as iphone, samsung galaxy this horrible is getting increased. Telephone is for calling but nowadays telephone turns all life for lots of people. Because of this reason some many people lose their independence. It is also great damage for health using telephone more time. .

  • We are fine

    Mobile devices help us in so many ways no a days that is doesn't even matter so who cares how much we use them if they help us in any way possible. This is the technology age people! It may be hard to wrap your head around but get used to it. We are only going to start using the more and more!

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