Are people who believe morality comes from God the most ignorant people on our planet?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Morality Evolved As Hominids Relied On Group Cohesion For Survival, Godless Societies and Other Social Animals Also Developed Similar Morality Structures To God fearing Humans.

    Christians wrongly like to think of their God as a source of all Morality, as they often cite the Judaic "Ten Commandments" and what they believe to be the Teachings of Jesus of Nowhere (Since Nazareth, apparently didn't exist in Jesus's lifetime), though nobody could ever confirm that those teachings came from Jesus's lips.
    Though, the tenets of Judaism existed in multiple cultures, god fearing and godless, across the planet, as they are mostly the simple rules of living in large groups.
    Since Hominids, including humans, required cohesive groups for survival in a world full of predators and rival groups.
    Humans had to survive by the old rule: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
    So hominids had to develop rules that kept the group growing in numbers and together socially.
    Killing other members, not only reduced the size of the group, but also antagonized others who were close to those being killed, thus both numbers suffer and group cohesion suffered, so likely the very first rule all groups developed, is: Do Not Kill Your Fellow Group Members. Even wolf packs understand this.
    Hurting other members in a group without demonstrated good reason also creates disputes and disharmony within a group, as friends of those being hurt will take sides and stealing from others in the group does the same.
    So not stealing from others in the group and not hurting others in the group deliberately and needlessly become two more tenets. Treat Others In The Group As You Would Have Them Treat You, would have surfaced globally across all Hominid and group dwelling species on the planet.
    This is also observable in Ape colonies and other species.
    Rape falls into the same category so it is also considered bad in many Ape colonies.

    Though some sociologists and scientists in related fields believe morality in many species, evolved from Biological Influences and Needs, such as need for Nurture.



    The problem with Religious Morality or Fear Of God Morality, is that it is not truly a good Moral Framework.
    If somebody is only Moral, because they are Paranoid (Fear Of God) about being watched by an impossible Omniscient being, then they are Not Truly Moral.
    As soon of the threat of being observed is removed, they are likely to become Immoral.

    Most secular people are Moral, because they believe in being Moral, so they are more Moral than those who only Behave Moral From Paranoia.
    Yes, it's a psychological concern about Religion, that Indoctrination too often instills Irrational Paranoia In Young Children's Minds, For Life.

    Indoctrination of young children into Religion/Superstition is in itself Immoral.

    Christians who Claim All Morality Comes From God cannot see this Fact!
    Because they are eternally Naive and Ignorant of their own Stupidity!
    The Only Group That Comes Close To Being As Ignorantly Stupid as Those Christians Who Assert That God Is The Only Source Of Morality Is The Creationists, But, They Are Also A Subset Of This Group.

  • Nope, they aren't.

    I have to say this, but there are a metric ton of idiots that are much stupider then this. Even if the people who believe morality comes from god are ignorant, they are certainly not the most stupid. That goes to people who believe Gays are a religion, Wikipedia is more reliable as a source then the CIA itself.

  • No, they are not.

    I don't see how this is implausible, assuming God exists. Atheist communities can have morals just as much as non-religious communities, because everyone knows - deep inside - what is moral. Knowing morality without knowing God doesn't mean morality cannot come from God. It is exactly like saying the universe was not created by God because atheists also live in the universe.

    So no, people who believe morality comes from God are not necessarily the most stupidly ignorant people on the planet; but the OP is certainly one of the most intolerant and arrogant people that I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.

  • Who's to say morality doesn't come from God?

    Many religious people take their moral values from their respective religious texts. However, even God wasn't real people still get their definition of morality from him. Especially in western societies, Christianity (whether or not you actually believe in it) has had a profound impact on the moral beliefs of the people living there.

  • They Aren't Ignorant

    Believing In A GOD Is Partly Where Having Morals Comes From. However, It Is Not The Only Source Of Morality. Calling someone Stupid Because They Believe That Morals Come From Believing In A GOD Is Like Saying Atheist Are Automatically Immoral Because They don't Believe In Anything At All. All Things Are Relative.

  • There are more unintelligent people

    Since the question is not worded in an agreeable way, I would argue there are at least one group of more "stupidly ignorant people" that exist on this Earth. As Albert Einstein once said “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

  • Human is an animal

    Only teaching of ALLAH ( GOD) tamed him. These are the teachings which made him slowly after experience , to realize that the true ethics and principle to live a healthy life , lie in religion. Religion may be different but all are the teaching of one God who created the human robot .

  • In this question, it says that they are stupidly ignorant, when really, Christians are in most cases, the most moral people on the planet.

    If it was late at night, and you were walking in an alley in a disreputable neighborhood, and lets just say you were a slow fat man, and a door 5 feet in front of you opens and 7 buff guys walk out. Would you rather have them come from a bar, or a Bible study. The answer for most of you is a Bible study. Christians believe that they were created by God, and the Holy Spirit and part of our nature help us see whats right. This person who asked this question is obviously bigoted. Nobody has all the answers on "this planet". This question is highly objective and the person who wrote this is probably a very stupidly ignorant person

  • Just another prejudice

    I know people of other faiths and even Atheists that make me shake my head in amazement. On the other hand I know many Christians that can destroy others in arguments, have explanations for their reasoning, and ultimately do better in society than others because of sheer brain power. Those however don't go to church, don't research, justify or find any plausible explanation for their reasoning other than that it's hardwired in them, makes those people ignorant.

  • Placing the blame on the wrong people

    If the most stupidly ignorant people on our planet are not those who continuously pump our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, via coal production or travel by car, or those who continue to lobby for nuclear waste storage in populated areas, or even continue to sell lethal, smokable, rolls of tobacco to the world, it may as well be everyone who answered yes to this poll


  • There are some much more ludicrous beliefs seriously held by some people

    The hypothesis that morality comes from God isn't that far-fetched. There are people much more ignorant than this, such as conspiracy theorists and those who subscribe to them and for that matter, children believe all sorts of wacky things. I think everyone can remember something stupid that they thought when they were really young, so the youngest people are obviously the most ignorant.

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Sagey says2014-01-08T00:55:41.277
Guess I could label it sport, instead of my original choice "Society", Hunting season is on! LOL Damn touch pad does this to me constantly, have to check everything I type for errors induced by accidentally touching my pad. One day I'll get a desktop. :-D~ Enjoy the Sport ppl! ROFL.
Sagey says2014-01-08T02:20:42.567
A lot of voters are highlighting the gross stupidity of humans, but this gross stupidity is spread over a very wide social landscape.
Though it is extremely Ignorant of psychological and social knowledge (the kind we mostly live by) to assert something as completely Ridiculous that Morality came from a dominant, Narcissistic, Malevolent, Megalomaniac, Omnipotent being like the Biblical God.
There is nothing that is being taught in Christian Schools that is more Ludicrous than That.
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-08T03:39:43.263
Misery and suffering come from God. Morality comes from man.
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-08T03:43:13.937
Anyone who thinks God is the source of morality and love doesn't know the God I know.
Sagey says2014-01-08T12:29:02.387
Anybody who has read the Bible thoroughly, knows full well that the God of the Bible is entirely Immoral. It sets its own Malevolent, Murderous, Narcissistic Megalomaniac precedents. For it to expect morality from humans, would make it also Hypocrite.
There's Not Much Morality In The Bible: Ask Sam Harris:
Sagey says2014-01-08T12:31:41.953
ROFL! Looks like I've made some a little upset, getting some indignant responses. Pretty much what I had expected as a response from the US. :-D~
Sagey says2014-01-09T01:42:22.850
In a way I actually agree, that it is only a Subset of those who are the most Ignorant and Stupid people on the planet, the Young Earth Creationists.
Sagey says2014-01-09T01:44:23.733
Many contributors misread it and are talking about Stupidity, where the Opinion is only using the word Ignorant, Ignorant does not necessarily mean Stupid, Ignorance is a form of Arrogance, not stupidity.
You can be ignorant of lots of things, especially that which does not concern nor affect you, but that does not make you Stupid.
Kerfluffer says2014-01-09T04:26:50.937
No-one is putting words into your mouth.
"Christians who Claim All Morality Comes From God cannot see this Fact!
Because they are eternally Naive and Ignorant of their own Stupidity!
The Only Group That Comes Close To Being As Ignorantly Stupid as Those Christians Who Assert That God Is The Only Source Of Morality Is The Creationists, But, They Are Also A Subset Of This Group." - direct quote from you.