• Yes, It is Weak

    Yes, I think that it is weak. So many people struggle to survive every day, and these pampered, infantile weaklings just end it because "they don't want to live anymore". News flash. Millions of people have died for reasons beyond their control. Only idiots die within their control for such selfish reasons. However, there are people who commit suicide for the betterment of others (i.E. Help people out of a fire, but dying in the process). Now that isn't weakness at all, that's pure strength.

  • It is always going to be easier than perseverance

    It doesn't matter how difficult it is to persevere, life is not supposed to be easy, and someone who has forced them self to persevere even when the odds are against them and they would much rather simply kill them self than continue, then they will, eventually, emerge more resilient than 99% of people.

  • Can't stand for themselves

    Life teaches us many important lessons in life, one of the more important ones is to never give up and to always follow your dreams. If you are faced with a problem you shouldn't quit, back down, and end your life. In those kinds of situations you need to face your problems head on with a never give up attitude (and in a kind manner as well)! Remember we have the potential to be whatever we want to be! Do you really want to be known as the one who killed themselves because they couldn't take the situation life has thrown at you?

  • Its cowardly and pathetic

    How can you possibly call it brave? There is nothing brave about it! These people are struggling? Right. We should be more sympathetic to their pain. Everyone struggles and has pain. But most people deal with it and try to make themselves better people. Not these people though they just want to end it. Its not bravery because they know this is the quickest way to end it all. Its heartbreaking knowing people would leave their friends and family the burden of knowing they killed themselves.

  • Suicide is cowardly indeed

    How can you call your self strong if you aren't even strong enough to face reality. Yes, things might have gotten harder for you then others, but suicide is NEVER the answer. Think of it like this, life has a purpose, karma can either be your worst enemy or best friend depending on the choices you make in life. If you do everything right, and you are working hard, then all the bad will go away, but if all you do is wrong and things get difficult, suffer the consequences because u put yourself there, but don't run away from it by killing yourself,that is one thing only,cowardly.

  • Suicide is NOT courageous

    How can you say killing yourself is courageous when you don't even have the courage to live? The driving force behind suicide is not courage, it's cowardice. They want to escape reality, to run away without facing their problems. I am not saying that the act of suicide is not understandable, I do understand why people do it. But it's wrong to say its a brave thing to do when it's clearly not. It LOOKS brave because you're seeing it on the surface, but the thought behind the action is cowardly.

  • Yes and no

    People with mental illness can't really control themselves. But think about suicide is just giving up because it is to hard, it is selling out. True strength is being able to endure everything that happens to you, I would mostly say yes but it is not black in white. It is a case by case situation. But if anyone is ever feeling suicidal just ask yourself what that will it accomplish. Some say people don't have to deal with me, or the pain is to much, and I WANT IT TO END. Ask your self what it will accomplish and ask your self what your purpose is in life, and I guarantee anyone who is suicidal doesn't know their purpose so don't you want to find out?

  • Yes, it really is (for some)

    I think this way because a lot of them probably can't go through life problems. Some people also can't just get over things and are stuck in the past. Some think their problems are worse than anyone's. EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS IN LIFE AND LIFE COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!! Some are just plain negative all the time and obviously don't even try. I'm saying "some" because I know some have genuine problems and have actually been trying and might have a mental illness. But for others there's just no excuse. Trust me, I know a couple people who were like this. Trust me, I thought about killing myself in the past (See, I'm okay now. Life's not perfect and it never will be. I'm okay. I'm not perfect and feeling great. I'm okay. I still feel like everyone hates me and people are always putting me down saying things like "no one likes you" but I DON'T CARE. I haven't really been diagnosed or anything, but I have a huge feeling I have anxiety and way too much stress. I just know it. Social anxiety to be exact. And my grades are going down. I used to walk into class everyday late and crying. My mom has all these problems and uses meth and for all I know could die any day. I was mentally abused by her (and still am to be honest. She calls me ugly and she says she doesn't understand how anyone could ever love me and one day she even asked me why I was here). But guess what. I'M OKAY!! Life can always get better. I mostly just ignore all this stuff because I know life can always get better. But the thing is, people have to help themselves to make their life better. They need to try to make their life better in other words. This is what I think about it.

  • Yes, it is..

    I know a couple of people who wanted to kill themselves. They are not depressed (and one of them is my friend by the way, she might be depressed though or used to be). And like a week later the other said she would never do that. Trust me, last year I felt depressed and worthless and would always wonder if people would even care if I was gone and would even plan ways to kill myself. But now I think back to it and I know I would never do that. I still feel like everyone hates me but I would never do that. Life can always get better. People just need to stop being so negative about everything and be more positive. I think a lot of people aren't even trying. They think the first answer is suicide. For real, the two people I know, one of them can't seem to get over anything. She's still stuck on something that happened when she was a toddler. Another thing, she probably just wants to kill herself because her sister tried it. Yes I know, depression is a huge problem and hard to deal with and suicide it takes the most strength a person has or they've been dealing with it for a long time. For some people that might be true but for other people it's not. Some people probably never tried or didn't very long. Everyone goes through problems in life at some point. EVERYONE. And life can always be worse. It's weak to not be able to go through life problems. This is just what I think.

  • Natures way of weeding out the weak

    If it was a wild, weakness as such wont be tolerated, survival of the fitest still applies, if you are mentaly or physically weak you will not survivve and pass on your genes to next generation, maybe its natural way of taking out the weak link in chain of evolution.

  • Suicide takes a lot of strength.

    Suicide goes against everything evolution programmed your body to do, which is survive so that you can pass on your genes to the next generation. It also takes a considerable amount of mental strength to not only decide that there's nothing worth living for and no chance of that changing, but that you should do something so permanent about it. This is not to say that it's a wise choice (trust me, it isn't), but it is not an easy or weak one.

  • No, people who attempt or do, are not weak.

    Actually, depression is a chemical imbalance. That's like saying that a person with a leg cramp or the cold is emotionally weak. And, like Gilesthewizard stated, you're pretty damn strong and brave if you could kill yourself. But, this doesn't mean to kill yourself because it "proves" your strong.
    Whats strong is staying alive, but committing suicide isn't weak either.

  • Quite the opposite

    I tried to commit suicide once. I couldn't. A truly weak person would not be able to make the decision to end their life. Only somebody with a strong will would be able to do that- because once you do, it's over. You can't "un-die". What happens after you die? Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? Nobody knows. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe you're just gone forever. Tell me, could a weak person make that choice, and face the possibility of eternal torture (if you're a Catholic) or eternal nothingness? Would you be strong enough to do it, even if there's a good chance that there isn't something waiting for you on the other side?

  • No, people that commit suicide are not considered weak

    I don't think that this is true because everyone may commit suicide for different reasons. Just because someone commits suicide doesn't always meant that they are weak or have give up on life. Some people may be clinically sick or psychologically damaged when making the conscious choice to commit suicide, but not weak off the bat.

  • No they are not!

    Do not get me wrong, I can see how people would automatically say that "Ohh they were just weak and could not hold on any longer". But in my mind, sometimes people are just angry, fed up, sick and tired, annoyed, and out of ideas and inspiration. That is not weakness in my eyes.

  • How could that be weak?

    It take so much courage to commit suicide. We, As humans have a natural instinct to live, But the face that we can take control over that shows that we are strong. The weak people are the ones who make fun of people who feel suicidal. Suicide is a brave thing. Its to make sure others don't get hurt by us, So I don't have to hurt. Not only that but when people say that I am weak, I know I am not. We have lived through so much more. You call suicide weak, I say it is strong.

  • Suicide is NOT weak

    Would you say someone who has cancer or another illness is weak if they died from it? No, Then why would you say a person is weak from dying of suicide? You can't say that someone is weak for trying to solve a problem that won't end. Some people think that going to a counselor can solve all your problems but going to a counselor is hard. Talking to a complete stranger about your problems and how you feel is hard. Those who have struggled with things such as depression know that that's not as easy as just walking up to them and start talking. Suicide is not running away and giving up, But a person trying to solve their problems when nothing else they've tried has worked. Its not anyones place to tell someone their weak for doing what they did when they know nothing about them and don't understand what their going through. It is NO ONES place to tell someone their life isn't hard or what theyre going through isn't so bad, Or that their stupid for believing that what theyre going through is so bad. And its NO ONES place to be able to tell them to look on the good side or to be thankful for what they have when they have no idea what the person has been going through.

  • I don’t believe it is weak.

    Sure, suicide comes from pain and a willingness to end the pain but I do not believe people who commit suicide should be considered weak. It takes some pretty large hefty balls to face the main thing everyone is wired to be terrified of, our own mortality. The fear of the unknown is more appealing than staying here. It’s one thing to lift the gun to your head, some use it as a cry for help, but pulling the trigger and ending your life takes a lot of courage. I think many people would commit suicide if they knew they could do it painlessly and they knew for certain what happens after death.

  • It takes tremendous strength

    It takes tremendous strength on a daily basis to rise each day when the result of one’s actions is a persistent feeling of worthlessness. The feelings are not just in the mind but felt, perceived and actualized physically. Nobody tries to hurt, feel unwanted or unloved. Maybe there was an incidence, maybe not. There are spectrums for everything but we blame those who are on the saddest end of happiness for not just “getting over it” or picking themselves up by their bootstraps .” Have you ever taken a test when you were nervous? You know the answers but they are hard to decipher when your mind is muddled by the anxiety. Are these just bad test takers in life’s exam? The best decisions and answers are not achieved in that mindset. Sometimes it takes a friend, a peer or a teacher to help you study and learn and to realize that you do know the best or better answer.
    See something say something exists for abandoned bags at the airport. What about abandoned feelings and people that walk by us every day? You are not to blame for others choices especially not the tragic ones. But these decisions are never made lightly and are most often preceded by notes or actions explaining the same. There’s acknowledgment of future hurt but it is thought to be a burden less heavy than that of the living. Please don’t blame those wounded by self loathing. Their help didn’t arrive in time. Be the bit of light for one, not every one, but be a bit of understanding for someone. Help them realize there are better answers. Be persistent. Everybody learns at a different pace in a different way. Help them find the answers.

  • Suicide in no way shows weakness, but maybe selfishness.

    Suicide, to kill oneself, is an admittance of pain and suffering and to turn that inward pain, and bring it to an extreme level can not be called weak. Many are born with mental disorders that lead them to such extremities, and many can simply not hold the pain, but this is after years of suffering and many find ways to place that pain into outlets to hold it a bay for some time. There are many non-suicidal people who simply could not hold it.

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