Are people who criticize Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine anti-Semites?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • Israel has a right to that Land

    Israel is only taking back what was stolen from them thousands of years ago. The Jews were the founding religious group of Israel, that land was only stolen from them by the Palestinians. I see no reason why Israel has no right to currently occupy that land.

    I see this situation as no different than someone believing Native Americans don't deserve reservations.

  • Yes they are. Simple as it is

    In the last decades, people all over the world, especially from Europe, decided that Antisemitism is no longer politicly corrent, so they decided that now they want to express their hatred of Jews in the form of anti-zionism, doing so by giving attention only to Palestine while ignoring much more serious crises, funding anti-Israel tours and education and spreading hatred all over the world

  • Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and they give equal rights to Arabs

    Yes, unfortunately, anti-antisemitism has taken a new face in the form of anti-Zionism. It's alright to criticize Israel, just as one would criticize any other nation. However, when Israel is singled out as a "human rights" violator when it is the only democracy in the Middle East, is beyond reasonable. Where are all of the boycotts against Syria, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia..? No one mentions the gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia, the lack of freedom in China, the hangings of gays in Muslim countries, the killing of gays... Arab people live more comfortably in Israel than they do in Egypt, Jordan..

  • Anti semite vs anti zionist

    There is a huge difference between anti semite and anti Zionist. I am 100% anti Zionist. The Zionist movement has murdered and displaced the people of Palestine in their greed for power. The Palestinians are routinely tortured , they sometimes die at checkpoints and are treated like cattle going to slaughter

  • Disagreement does not equal distaste.

    The same can be said for America. If I am against the Iraq war because I am not for the destruction of a people, that does not mean I hate America, or am "anti-american." Should I say that Germany is valid in it's choice to militarize the areas around modern Germany purely because "it used to be our land, so we can do what we want"? No. Borders change, and Israel was unfortunate enough to have been displaced many times, by many different people. By that logic, all Native Americans should be able to kill and displace Americans because they took their land. It is not just or reasonable.

  • Israel is a terror state.

    Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank and is in violation of UN law. They must withdraw from all Palestinian lands and after that the polite thing to do would be to be quiet. For at least 100 years. Personally Im sick of Israels whinning. Oh also, the Palestinians have the right to live in peace, without jews or Israel violating their rights.

  • Anti Zionism not anti Semitism

    A lot of Zionists seem to be confused about the difference between the two. Deliberately I guess. It seems to be a common tactic to attempt to shut down any debate.

    But the answer is simple. Zionism is a form of colonialism. So, if you are anti-colonialism, then that would include Israeli colonialism, British colonialism, Chinese colonialism, etc.

    Being anti-Israeli colonialism while supporting colonialism anywhere else, yes, that would be racism. But it wouldn't be anti-Semitic, because Jews aren't the only people who can be described as Semites.

    For the record, I am an atheist, but my parents and grandparents were Jewish, and I was born in israel. Or, Occupied Palestine as I prefer to call it. So, it would be difficult to accuse me of being anti-Jewish any more than I'm anti- any other form of religious indoctrination, superstition, or belief system. But I am definitely anti-colonialism and anti-Zionism.

  • Being anti Israel doesnt mean i hate jews!

    It makes no sense to say that people who disagree with Israel are anti jews, at the end of the day what Israel has done to the palestinians is wrong, Israel has bullied the Palestinians and destroyed their lives, over 100,000 people have had their home destroyed by the Israelis, the Israeli embargo is a transparent attempt to force the Palestinians to submission by denying them basic supplies. Me saying any of this does not mean that i hate jews i just hate Israel.

  • It's about human rights

    I cannot see why is it anti semite to demand Israel to end occupation, pay for possible war crimes after actions have been investigated. The Palestinians have lived in that land for generations and it is unfair to have them lost that, let alone the lost of lives, etc. Lastly, if we don't speak up, who will, it is obvious that these people have been abandoned by who really have power to do seething just.

  • American citizens have the right, in particular to be critical, because of the money we give Israel.

    The United States gives Israel billions of dollars in aid every year. That is taxpayer money. As such, I have the right as does any American citizen taxpayer to question or to even single out Israel and its policies and practices -- because my money goes there. That is not anti-Semitic, but rather, my right as taxpayer as well as my freedom of speech, which is guarded by the Constitution.

  • No, because many Jewish people question Israel in this.

    The illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel is a political decision that anyone may agree or disagree with. It is not about religion or even about cultural values. Any nation's actions need to be judged on their human rights adherence and social justice values. Many Jewish people around the world question the actions that Israel as a nation takes against Palestinians who have lived in this region for hundreds of years.

  • Antisemitism is different than Anti-Zionism

    An anti-Semite is a person who hates Jews as a race or a religion just for being Jewish. While anti-Zionist is a person who hates the unjustified acts of Israel or the violations of International law by Israel.

    Many Jews are anti-Zionists such as Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Avi Shlaim , Ilan Pappé, possibly Benny Morris, movements like Neturei Karta. All those are Jews so they can't be anti-Semites but they are anti-zionists

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