• Yes, of course

    Racism is, obviously, a stupid thing by definition. Though I believe all people are racist to some degree (even if the racism is only in the subconsciousness), making excuses for it is an extremely obtuse thing to do. Claiming that one isn't racist because 'this' and 'that', even though one clearly is, is something only the most arrogant and ignorant would say.

  • For me yes they are; they're TOO dumb to be mean

    For me, everyone, regardless of whether you're a racist or not, knows that racism is arrogant and hateful and that racists who say mean things about other races don't care and are proudly arrogant. People who make excuses for racism are living in another planet. Real racists are smarter than these types.

  • As evidenced by the other side of thos question

    Yes that should be obvious. If a person for some reason can not see the legitamate problems with racism and that there us absolutely unequivicaly no excuse for racism and that it is unaccaptable and unjustifiable by any standard then sorry not sorry that person definetaly has some sort of major malfunction.

  • Yes they are

    Racism is dumb so those who back it are also dumb in that regards. If one would just forget about what color you are, life would be a heck of a lot better. People who back racism are degrading the human they categorize as "black" or white". Seriously, we should look at character, not color

  • Not at all

    Well for starters, you are completely arrogant with all the polls and words you've sputted out of your mouth. But you have every right to say the dumb things you have. Just like a racist has every right to stand up for his beliefs, they may be dumb but hey, freedom of speech.

  • If only others understand

    True that racism is dumb, but it exists nearly everywhere and it is not yet eradicated. See what I mean? Not so many people can be dumb, can they? Although racism does have its silly side, it is like saying using curse words is dumb. It is just an insult, not a matter of intelligence.

  • Racism is completely natural.

    Racism, hatred, anger, all these things are human instinct. To say otherwise is completely ignorant. Yes, racism is wrong and it's arrogant to believe someone is inferior because they are a different race, but that's just the way their minds work. Now in order to prove this many unethical tests would have to be attempted but it can't be disproved either, just like many other pressing issues. (existence of god, morality, etc...)

  • The problem is...

    That racism itself isn't "dumb." There is a lot of statistical evidence that different races have different attributes, from intelligence, to physicality, to aggressiveness. Recognizing those shows that the brain is functioning. Our brains are designed to recognize patterns to make predictions and that is exactly what leads to racism, the natural functions of our brains. The problem is not that racism is "stupid" but that it is immoral, that it lowers humans down to nothing more than a set of traits, rather than recognizing that being human is the most important trait and the basis of equal rights.

  • There are reasons to be racist other than having to be "dumb".

    By "racist", I am defining it as it's simplest definition: To believe one race is superior to another. This doesn't entail that all racists believe what they do out of hate, but because of statistics and personal experience. Firstly, Caucasians, Mongoloids, and Negroids are all different genetically. Mongoloids hold the largest portion of Neanderthal DNA, followed by Caucasians, while Negroids have little to no significant amount of Neanderthal DNA.

    Since we are different genetically, the chances of us being exactly equal are impossible. This can be seen on a global scale, as most developed countries center around populations of Caucasians. Statistically, Mongoloids test higher than both Caucasians and Negroids. And geneticists are currently finding differences in our genes that may be effecting our overall successes and failures, and they're not going to come out exactly equal for all of us.

    Now despite whether or not we're all equal, we also know that on an individual level we have overlapping potential to fail or succeed, so making judgments about people before knowing them is still futile. And, since we still have to live on this world together and superiority in any way isn't a pass to be evil, racist discrimination is still wrong. But to simply believe that the races aren't equal is not "dumb", and if you want to succeed in fighting racism, you have to acknowledge the real reasons for people believing in it.

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Dilara says2015-04-05T01:51:49.697
They might be smart when it comes to facts (math, history ect) but ust not morals.
Vox_Veritas says2015-04-05T18:04:42.477
But racism is rooted in human nature. While I'm not saying that it's okay to act racist, whenever something is rooted in human nature it's hard to be able to honestly condemn people for being influenced by it to some degree.
Racism is but another vice which is part of the human condition. Let's not treat it like it's on par with murder or rape, though.