Are people who say racism in America is about black and white stupid?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Without a shadow of a doubt

    First of all racism in America affected all non-whites, not just blacks. That's one. Two, there's a reason why signs in America said "no Coloreds allowed" not "no niggers allowed." This is why America we get laughed at as a nation, cause we're so stupid that it's actually pathetic and kinda sad. Racism in America has always and will always be white and non-white. Asians, Native Americans, Italians and Irish were all discriminated for racist reasons.

  • Racism encompasses all

    Racism is not limited alone to African Americans and Caucasians. Almost all cultures have at one time or another, been discriminated against. It would be extremely ignorant for us to disregard the countless Asians, Indians, Native Americans, Irish, and other immigrants who faced major discrimination in the United States. All ethnic groups in the US are guilty somehow of racism at one time or another.

  • America isn't only the U.S.

    Let's clear up this question first. I'm going to assume that when you refer to America, you mean the U.S. It's an ignorant and common mistake. Furthermore, the whole debate about racism is incredibly idiotic but has been going on for years and years now. "Oh your racist," seems to be a phrase thrown around especially among teenagers. Typically, racism is viewed as a black and white race discussion only. Anyone can be racist though to any race as long as it fits the definition of racism (which many people don't actually know).

  • Racism is very complex.

    Plenty of racist white people hate Jews at first handshake - even though they might be just as white. It's not really about color.

    It's more of a systematic hate system that is passed down from family member to family member, or peer to peer. It's a blame game.

    Racists group together for a reason. Any batch of ideas that is stupid or unfounded won't hold up in reality and thus people who adhere to them usually feel the need to meet with other adherents to tell each other how right they are. Sometimes they meet on Sunday morning. Sometimes at KKK meetings. "Great minds think alike" but equally "Ignorant minds think alike".

    It's always the same old game and it's so very tiring. Pattern-seeking primates trying to find somebody to blame or trying to find some grand conspiracy in all of life or trying to find some great big thing to blame bad times on. It's such a bore at this point. Racists talk and I hear white noise.

  • White VS black people is where race wars started. Now other groups are mentioned because whoever is speaking doesn't want to come off as racist

    Blacks are the biggest racists out there. Stop bitching about slavery, it had nothing to do with racism it was simply cheap labor. Also numerous plantation owners who owned slaves where black. And it wasn't only black slaves, many white europeans came to this country and became enslaved for cheap labor.

  • They could be misinformed.

    When I was in the public school system, that was literally the only kind of racism that was covered under the limp-d*cked system that the liberals run. So they could just be products of an incompetent education system run by apologists who want to foist their morality on everyone else.

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They may be talking about different things