Are people who say "slavery and racism are the same" stupid?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Slavery and racism is not the same.

    Slavery is some one being owned, controlled, and held to work. Racism is a person's offensive behavior toward people of a different race. Some people get confused because slaves are usually people of a different race, so they believe that slavery and racism are the same thing. Although they have some connections, slavery and racism are two different topics

  • George was right

    Seriously, how stupid can people. Again, yes, all slavery-supporters were racist, but not all racists supported slavery. Many of them were freaking happy to take the Native American's land away from the Native Americans, even if they hated slavery. Jeez can people really be this stupid and dumb. It's like we got a bunch of high school drop outs.

  • Slavery Wasn't Just in America

    Sure, the vast majority of slaves in America were Africans, and racism was prevalent. That said, the USA was far from the only country to practice slavery. The Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Aztecs, and most other civilizations throughout history practiced slavery. The majority of slaves came from their own culture, or were captured during war. I'm fairly certain owning someone from your own culture/race isn't racist.

  • Its not the same

    There is a difference dude so dont be dumb and mix it up lul. I need 36 more words so here they are the 36 more words that are needed to fill up this post cause thats all o got to put at the top of the arguement done now

  • they are not the same

    Slavery and racism are not the same. Although one does lead to the other and go hand in hand, they are separate. Someone can be racist but doesn't make that person their slave. Just like, Some slave owners can be good to slaves and not be racist. It's like saying all athletes are black because a majority are.

  • Yes, they are different.

    While they are both bad, racism relies on there being hatred between different races; slavery can be within the same race. A good example of this was in the era of cross-continent slave trade, where Africans practiced slavery on other Africans, sometimes on those from the same area or from the same "blood-line".

  • Not dumb exactly

    Yes, slavery and racism are not the same but that does not mean the person is dumb. He or she probably does not understand the difference but one should not call him dumb. So, if someone says apples and pears are the same, one cannot just assume he is dumb, maybe his process of thinking is different or his perspective is not as average.True that slavery and racism are not the same though

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