Are people who say that Sweden and Denmark are the least (OPENLY at least) racist dumb (see picture)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • For me they are completely idiots

    From a football commentator in 2002 (Denmark) calling Senegalese genetically violent people without any reprisal
    to Danes being tried for rape of Arab Iraqi soldiers

    For me anyone who says that they are is not naive or in denial, they're just dumb morons with no sense of factual minds whatsoever.

    Plus they coined the words "butch" (for tomboys) and they created eugenics (Denmark that is) in 1929.

    Even more hilarious is the people who defend themselves saying "America is worse" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Seriously? America, Denmark, Sweden and Israel are all the same.

  • How do you define 'racism'?

    Acknowledging racial differences (e.G. IQ levels, hormone differences, behavior patterns) isn't 'racism'.

    Loving your own race more than others isn't 'racism'.

    Preventing Whites becoming a minority in a nation founded and built by Whites isn't 'racism'.

    Protecting your own heritage and culture isn't 'racism'.

    Non-Whites put their own racial interests first and are praised. When Whites do it's 'racism'. Why?

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