Are people who think blacks are only angry about slavery simplistic?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Regardless of how you feel there's also segregation

    To say blacks are only angry about slavery is so comically stupid and simplistic (and I'm not taking sides on the debate whatsoever) that I can see the academy of gifted laughing upon people who say that. There was also segregation too, whether you side with it or not, is a different story. But yeah.

  • No. I'm black.

    I am black. I am only angry about slavery. Are you calling me a simpleton? Is that even moderately acceptable in an arena for forward thinking and progress? You're so rude it's beyond me but I suppose that even if your opinion exists and it is horrifically wrong it is an opinion that I must respect as the Founding Fathers who enslaved black people would want.

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