• Being inventive and keep students attention

    Keeping the attention of students and their minds engaged on the task has been a struggle for teachers since the beginning of formal education. The fact that educators have to be more inventive than ever to relay their information to their students in an engaging and meaningful way only highlights the fact the fact that they must be creative. This information now has to be passed in a way that relates to the students daily lives and connects with them on a personnel level so that they learn this knowledge.

  • Could Be A Strength

    I believe a creative and artistic personality does make teaching easier for some people, but I wouldn't say that is an inherent trait for these people. If I had to guess there are probably better teachers in this group, then the group that would fit into a uncreative category. It's not safe to assume that all creative people are good at teaching though.

  • Not necessarily. Not really a yes or no answer.

    It really just depends on the way you learn best. If you have a more creative personality, others with a creative personality will likely draw your attention more. If you are more grounded, other people like you will probably hold your attention as well. So the answer is that it depends on your personality.

  • No, they are usually not good teachers.

    People with creative or artistic personalities don't usually make good teachers. Creative people are often perfectionists and lack the patience needed to be a good teacher. They are also somewhat high strung with minds that jump from idea to idea. I think it's the way their minds work that gives them their creativity.

  • They are out to lunch.

    No, people with a creative/artistic personality are not better teachers, because they are often aloof and not paying attention. A person who has good communication skills and who can speak clearly is going to be a much better teacher than a person who can't make a painting but who cannot tell others how to make a painting.

  • No, creative people aren't necessarily better teachers.

    People with a creative and artistic personality aren't necessarily better teachers. I think that while people who have a creative and artistic personality can be great teachers who teach students in great ways, I do not think they necessarily are better teachers than those who think that the traditional ways are better.

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