Are people with high IQs less likely to be religious?

  • Yes Of Course!

    Religion is a primitive act, as people become more intelligent in general around the world there will be a slow rise in atheism. Look at the top 10 intelligent people in the world and tell me how many of them believe in religion and if you say Einstein was religious or believed in a god you are wrong! Be intelligent and do research and try answer your questions yourself with the facts you are given!

  • Yes, of course

    A person of above average or high IQ will almost always question the basis of something. In doing so with their religion they will find that there is no basis for foundation for the faith, no evidence, and recognize the circular reasoning used and identify the inequalities, thus resulting in the liklihood that they will not be religious.

  • Yes of course

    Because they can see through the nonsense of what these practitioners of tripe peddle, it is rather unfortunate that it does tend to attract a lot of the feeble minded .The bible is effective at one thing sorting out the rational thinkers from the irrational , anyway a quick scan through the bible will show God himself was a rather dim witted creature ( if he existed) and Jesus the local village idiot .

  • Yes but they don't have to be

    I think it's a trendy thing now to denounce God if you have a high level of education or intelligence because it's not something you can prove like gravity.

    The thing is how can you prove there is not a God or an after life ? You can't make me believe there is nothing else outside of this realm and when we die we are just going to turn into dust.

  • Yes, people with high IQs are generally not religious.

    The majority of people we recognize as being highly intelligent, such as Albert Einstein, were not religious. People with high IQs tend to question everything more and be more doubtful of things in life, especially including religion. People who have high IQs like to have proof of things rather than follow anything blindly and since religion is something that is unable to be proven, they doubt it and are generally not deeply religious.

  • People with higher IQs are more confident of their own conclusions and less likely to accept the beliefs of the "crowd".

    People with higher IQs tend to examine not only what they believe, but also why they believe anything, if it is important to them. They will tend to have zero. Or very few "blind beliefs"; whether it be religion, patriotism, racism, or, any of the "isms".

    People with high IQs are much more likely to realize that everything which happens has an actual cause based in reality, regardless of whether we can pin it down exactly, or not. They realize that people act in the ways do because their brain has made a determination based on the net result of all they have ever learned and however they integrated the data into their mindset (the previously held conclusions).

    From this most will realize that there is really no such thing as "free will" and this leads to the conclusion that no one is really responsible for their "sins" in the sense that they need to be forgiven. Intelligent people realize that "sins" are not something to be forgiven; rather they are more akin to the ancient meaning: "mistake" and are to be corrected and/or amends made for.

    With this understanding in mind, the intelligent person can recognize religion for what it is, and what it is not. Some (militant atheists) will disavow religion completely. Others, while recognizing the "no-god" reality, will have come to the conclusion that religion is still one of the best social engineering mechanisms we have, and will give it "lip service" at the minimum. And of course there are many who will be such a position that admission of their own privately held conclusions would cause more trouble in their life then it's worth.

  • Yes.

    This isn't actually an opinion.

    It's well documented that there is a strong negative correlation between IQ/higher education and religiousness.

    The higher your IQ, and/or the more highly educated you are, the less likely you are to be religious.

    Now, this is of course just correlation, and correlation does not prove causation, but as far as this topic is concerned, yes.

  • Higher IQ individuals ask for proof.

    Asking me to believe in a god that is not present or directly interactive in any way is akin to telling my children to believe in Santa.

    I'm not saying that we as humans are so great that we have all the answers. We don't. But to say you should just have faith because a 2000 year old book tells you to is ridiculous. Give me proof.

    The bible was written to keep the masses in line. The sheep need a shepherd. Smart people prefer facts.

  • The evidence is overwhelming - religiosity and stupidity go hand and hand, while atheism is highly correlated with intelligence and thoughtfulness.

    Let's just look at the US. The most religious states lag behind the least religious states in terms of academic achievement and economic performance. This trend can also be observed when comparing nations. Countries in Africa tend to be the most religious, yet least educated. Whereas Europe has the highest average educational achievement, yet the lowest religiosity of any continent. Assuming that academic achievement has some correlation with intelligence, there seems to be a linkage.

    This linkage can be found in innumerable other cases. Prison inmates have lower average IQs than the civilian population, yet have higher levels of religiousity on average. Universities, which in contrast tend to aggregate higher IQ individuals, are often bastions of secular and atheistic activity.

  • Old genius's lived in a time of nieavetie involving science! They were our forefathers, can't be included in this hopefully realistic, rational, fact driven debat.

    Faith is that same as making a wish, hopeing, fingers crossed. Believing all your told when small then having to let go because its unreasonable and the world won't play along with tooth fairies and Santa when your 18!. Evaluating the value on accepting we are the only ones on earth that can make things happen ( for now ) would be a huge step towards peace.
    I don't assume the forefathers of the Quran, Tho Lilah, bible etc. Ever thought it would become anything evil as all intentions were for living peaceful with one another. But as time has told it always leads to excess equalling extreme with testosterone. Human beings are capable. Religion is now a hooligans football match, not about skills or ethos but a game, to be won. Winning.
    I also hate that half the battle is lead by men that don't abide by their woman, children, sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmother s. It uneducated fallacy. Everyone is a person. Start there, for GODS sake!!!

  • I have an IQ of 132

    It makes it harder to enjoy being involved in a church though. I have read the Bible twice cover to cover and listened to the old testament on cd once and the new testament probably about 20 times. I assumed all Christians knew their bible and needed to catch up. What I found is a lot of false doctrines in the churches and a lot of people who don't understand their own religion. Which is appalling. So I believe they are less likely to be " religious" But not less likely to know and understand God. You can almost see how God works in many cases. The coincidences are astounding and the Karma is impossible to refute in many cases. But To think God don't punish evil anymore is a huge mistake and hard to believe that when you see him doing it in your life and others lives. They are blind to it though.

  • No,Many famous scientist were christians.

    For example, like Newton and Pascal.
    They were great scientists and had belief. When they found amazing principles, they realized God exists.
    So, if IQ means how smart he or she is, absolutely, there is no relation between religion and IQ. Secondly, Religion touches our mind such as love, empathy, morality and so on. It is another important element of human being.

  • No, I am an example of a high IQ individual who is relious

    It's true that they tend to question things more than the average person, but that means questioning EVERYTHING more than the average person. I find myself questioning scientific information such as physics, chemistry or biology. It all leads to trust. I myself have not firsthand witnessed a certain amount of protons in a certain element. Yet, the textbook and scientific community wants us to believe that gold has 79 protons. On the other hand, the religious group wants me to believe that God created the universe. Honestly, TO ME, both have the same amount of evidence to back up their points. Trusting the textbook and professor is the same as trusting the holy book and the preacher. Except by society, one is fiction while the other has evidence which 99% of the world does not understand enough to be considering it true.

  • Maybe about half

    I feel that people with a higher iq are more likely to question things rather than follow the church blindly, but they can still be very religious. I know religious people that are very intelligent.
    Albert Einstein used to be athiest, but as he got older and studied more he said that the world was to perfect for there to be no god. His studying of things not related to spirituality brought him closer to religion.
    That said, I also know some brilliant people who are athiest.
    You also have to remember that 16 percent of the world is not affiliated with any religion, and that the number of actual "athiests" are unknown. Since they have smaller numbers it would be harder to get more accurate data.

  • People In Scientific Fields Less Likely To Be Religious

    I do not believe people with high IQ's are less likely to be religious. I do believe people who enter scientific fields are less likely to be religious. While some of these people may have high IQ's, I do not believe it is the deciding factor in faith. There are probably plenty of people in the world that are unaware of their IQ.

  • I Doubt It!

    Religion has little to do with IQ. To prove my point, I'll list a few smart & successful individuals who are known (or were known) to be religious:

    1. Martin Luther King
    2. President Jimmy Carter
    3. Admiral David Farragut
    4. President Abraham Lincoln
    5. President Andrew Jackson
    6. President Calvin Coolidge
    7. President Franklin Roosevelt
    8. President Harry Truman
    9. President Dwight Eisenhower
    10. President John F. Kennedy

    Note: Most of our U.S. Presidents have been religious. Some could be defined as deeply religious.

    11. Albert Einstein
    12. Louis Pasteur
    13. Christopher Columbus
    14. Orville & Wilbur Wright
    15. William Shakespeare
    16. Thomas Edison
    17. Alexander Fleming
    18. Alexander Graham Bell
    19. Michelangelo
    20. Henry Ford

    I could go on, but I think I have proven my point. An IQ is academic. Faith is something deeper. It is spiritual, in nature. There are smart individuals who are religious. There are ignorant individuals who do not. And vice versa. There is not a connection between the two. For the religious affiliation of more famous individuals: http://www.Adherents.Com/adh_influ.Html

  • I'd say it's about half

    There are many people with high IQ's that are religious, among those that aren't. It could be that IQ isn't really a large factor in whether or not someone ends up being religious. As one with, as I'm told, a high IQ, it is natural to question everything, or think up some grand alternative to string theory just before I go to sleep, but I am religious. My views may differ to others, but doesn't everybody?

  • No, people with high IQs are not less likely to be religious.

    People who have a lot in terms of wealth or power or knowledge are generally not religious. However, people who have high IQs are not necessarily fall to those types of people. And their high IQ will help them to acknowledge the limitation of human and the presence of divine force, which actually helps them to become religious in the end.

  • No but that's just another opinion.

    My son has a very high IQ and an autobiographical memory. He is not religious, however in his youth (adolescence) he belonged to a church youth group (of his own accord) because he liked the community. As an adult he is not religious, but is still very spiritual.

    Since there is more in heaven and earth than the human mind is capable of understanding, I tend to agree with him.

  • No, not at all.

    Some of the highest iqs in the world are believers. Google the list of highest iqs in the world and they mostly believe on something. I think most people forget in the past we have had believers that were some of the greatest minds, we have also had none believers. It's a personal belief, nothing to do with iq. Japan is a prime example of a believing nation with high iqs. Think it depends on where and how enforced the quack theory of evolution is taught.

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LadyByrdNest says2014-08-05T21:22:43.140
I have an IQ of 132.......I was raised in a nonreligious household, yet when I first heard the story of Yeshua at age 3, I became instantly drawn to this being, this salvation. Believing in science takes trust, one must choose to trust scientistic evidence based on the word of mere men just as one must choose to trust in the scriptures written by mere men. Science tells us there MUST be a cause and effect, a reason why something began, the purpose for its inception, correct? The Universe became the universe for a reason, a purpose, and something had to have caused the Big Bang. Everything that followed the creation of the first universe is meant to be. This is what God is.....He is all and all......He is the cause, the effect, the reason, the energy, the matter and His purpose for setting this all in to motion, was His love for LIFE!!