• More people get judged with tattoos

    Some people judge other people just because they have tattoos, In my opinion I'm only in the ninth grade and I am already considering getting a tattoo. Enough about me though, People with tattoos shouldn't be judged just because they have tattoos are on their body. People get tattoos to express and show their uniqueness, Tattoos show that you're trying to show who you really are and what you really love.

  • People with Tattoos ARE judged more than those who have none.

    Tattoos are and have been looked upon in a "Negative" light, By Employers, Police, Judges, Family members and so and so on. True enough, If one is old enough to not only know and realize these factors, But to be able to afford and deal with any consequences/ repercussions endured as a result of obtaining a tattoo or more, Then so be it.

  • The only reason governments allow them is so they can quickly identify all the stupid people.

    Being an iconoclast is one thing but mutilating your body and running the risk of getting AIDS is another. The permanence is another thing. Would you wear the same exact clothing now as you did 40 or 50 years ago? By now that clothing is all run down and tattered, just as the tattoo becomes distorted, faded and looks like a varicose vein from a distance.
    From my personal experience, a full 100% of all the people I know that have tattoos are involved with hard drugs, and people like that don't make good tenants, workers, or friends if you're against hard drugs.

  • Obviously yes !

    Nowadays depite the fact that a lot of people resolve to have a tatoo they still seem strange, Everyone look them when they walk outside and sometimes suspiciously. Generally everything different is always judged by people. Most times we obtain a bad outlook for those people automatically although it doesn't mean a thing! Nevertheless we have became more comfort with these people regarding our opinions few years ago. Even though we see a big difference among all these years some points of views remain the same ones. Actually people with tatoos will always be under judgement because the biggest percent of people believe that these ones are anarchists,
    incompatible etc..

  • Yes they do

    People with tattoos are in fact judged more. The men with "tough" tattoos are looked at as scary. And the women with the butterfly/animal/heart etc tattoos are seen as trashy. The conservatives tend to distance themselves from people with body art. Some of my friends have gotten tattoos; once their family knew they were kicked out. It's tough. I personally do not have any tattoos, but I feel for those who do.

  • Tattoos are Commonplace Today

    People with tattoos aren't judged more than those without them. In today's world, tattoos are far more common than they used to be. Even people in corporate positions have tattoos, and they're often visible to colleagues. Therefore, tattoos are so common that they aren't a huge or controversial topic nowadays.

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