Are Percy Jackson books better than Harry Potter books?

Asked by: devki
  • Percy Jackson is Darker, and Better

    Ok, let me just start this out by saying I ADORE Harry Potter and it was the first fandom I joined, and it really sticks with me, unlike other fandoms. And, Harry Potter is quite dark, but in a more, emotional way. If you've read House of Hades, you'll see that there are aspects of it that are horrifying, and there are some parts, especially Nico's, that were almost nauseatingly scary the first time I read them. One Example is when Nico confesses to having a crush on Percy. He is scared, and manipulated, to the point that for a while, I didn't know if he was 'good' anymore. Then again, I really like dark books, so I'm a bit biased. Another point is diversity. There has always been a slightly ongoing battle in the HP fandom about sexualities, race, sexism, and just pretty controversial subjects. In PJO and more so HOO, there are children with conflicted sexualities (see House of Hades), Racial diversity (examples: Leo, Reyna, Hylla, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Drew, Charlie, Ethan, and possibly Percy himself. (There are many theories going around that he's South Asian, but idk). And in that way, it's so PERFECT, cause it goes to show that all these people are people, and they can have terrible, HORRIBLE, flaws, but that is what makes them human, (not fully, though).

  • Percy Jackson is something that I've grown up with.

    Telling me that Harry Potter has "more depth" and that Percy Jackson is "so predictable" really annoys me. I wonder why people forget everything that they read, especially when it comes to Percy Jackson.

    Percy Jackson grew up just like Harry Potter did. Albeit in a more subtle way (since this is really pointed more towards a younger audience), but it still gave readers an awesome feeling. People, even people on the Percy Jackson side, forget about things that happen in Percy Jackson. It isn't all humor. Percy learns a great deal on his journey. People die. He gets blamed for the death of someone important to one of the main supporting characters, someone who ends up changing drastically because of the death. Every single one of these deaths affect him.

    He learns that sometimes you need to accept your current situation. He learns that there are people you can't trust, and that things change. He learns, especially, not to give up. There was a certain part of the last book that really showed this, and it was when he gave Hestia Hope, telling her that Hope survives best at the Hearth.
    I love the surprises in the book, too. People overlook Percy Jackson as a book that only hits the surface. Harry Potter, in comparison, is really deep. But Percy Jackson has character growth. Take a look at Nico D'angelo. He's gone through the death of his sister, and he realized that he should have never trusted Percy in the first place. He loses faith in the main character. And it hurts Percy. I can't think of one moment where this happens in Harry Potter.

    There is so much more that I can say about Percy Jackson, but I think no one will read this if it's too long. Please read this. It actually makes more sense than just: PJO ALL THE WAYYYYYY!!!

  • PJ all the way

    Harry is too boring and hairy. Got no humor. Percy is funny and heroic. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I

  • Better, hero, humor, characters, plot

    Percy is so much more relatable than Harry. He makes mistakes, and he has all these little flaws and goofs that make him such a character. Harry Potter doesn't really have that much humor, and Percy Jackson does, making Percy Jackson a much more enjoyable read. Plus, you really get in to the story and adventure, unlike Harry Potter, cause most of it just happens at Hogwarts. Plus there's more action. And you have so many relatable badarse heroic characters. The Percy Jackson books will stay with me forever, and will always be my favorites

  • I love percy jackson

    Percy Jackson is way better than harry potter because you learn more and feel like your in the scenes. Whilst harry potter has no suspence, it just goes on and on and on, it is truly boring! There are no new charecters in the opposing book when percy jackson gets new charecters in every book. Percy Jackson teaches you about how the world is, what friendship and love truly means, ancient greek history if you will! Percy jackson is more adventerous and interesting! Harry potter just keeps scaring the kids but most of harry potter has movies which completly kills all the suspense. Its a good thing that pj has only 2 movies! Percy Jackson is the best!

  • Percy Jackson is better than the Harry Potter series

    As much as I love Harry Potter I love the Percy Jackson better, the characters are more interesting and being the children of Gods I think that's pretty dam (pjo reference) cool. Percy Jackson isn't as dark and miserable as Harry Potter and in a lot of ways, the two stories are similar, I guess when we get to Heroes of Olympus it changes but in the percy Jackson series we have three main characters, Percy, Annabeth and Grover and in hp we have Harry, Ron and Hermione. In the last book of both series two of the main characters will eventually get together. But as far as movies go, Harry Potter is better, I've been to the actual set and it's as similar as the books, they have privet drive, the bridge, the door to the chamber of secrets and etc. the pjo movies sucked! They got the ages completely wrong, annabeth is brunette! (But at least she's blonde in s.O.M) grover is nothing like, well, grover! And don't get me started on Percy! So for the books percy Jackson is better but for the movies Harry Potter is!

  • Percy Is better

    Percy Hackson flows more smoothly and unlike Harry Potter Percy is in more than one series and it ends very smoothly. Unlike Harry Potter which ends abruptly. Actually it was pretty hard to bring myself to read the whole series. But J.K Rowling is a really good author. But that is just my opinion and you could have another one.😃

  • Percy is dam funny

    Percy is better than Harry. Percy is a more realistic person. Where on the other hand Harry is too perfect. I like Hp but Harry is too powerful and everyone like Harry and if they don't Harry gets upset, but Percy has flaws and not everyone likes him but he doesn't give a dam.

  • Percy Jackson so much more better than Harry Potter!

    Although the Harry Potter series is okay, the Percy Jackson series is so much more thrilling. It is written in first person so you can see and imagine everything that Percy is going through. The books can also educate you since most of the myths and legends are true, how long do you think the research took? The series is written in a way that makes you laugh all the time.

  • PJ is obviously better

    I read Harry potter first,and I loved it and I still do but I was completely blown away by the Percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus series. JK Rowling created a world sheltered from the eyes of muggles ,while Rick Riordan managed to fit in one of earths oldest civilisations in the lives of ordinary mortals,PJ books are also more funny,realistic and modern than Harry potter .It is simply better

  • Harry Potter is Better

    Rick Riordan based the Percy Jackson series with greek mythology. However, this makes it more boring. For instance, if you had never even heard of greek mythology, you're probably never gonna get the story. Some people actually like it just because Percy Jackson is based on greek mythology. J.K Rowling, however, had to gain her followers through her own imagination, not with greek mythology. I think because J.K Rowling wrote all of these make-believe stories of the boy who lived makes her more creative. In Percy Jackson you could always tell that Percy's gonna win, there’s no surprises. Unlike Rick, J.K Rowling gets you keep guessing, excited, and always wanting to read more. Like when it was Quirrell and not Snape who helped Voldemort? Big suprise! Also when Snape killed Dumbledore? When Dobby died? All of these surprises makes you want to read more, always excites to read more. While Mr, Riordans stories could be sometimes predicting. So is it really the Harry Potter series that are boring? Nope!

  • Harry Potter is beyond compare !!

    On the opposite to Percy Jackson, Harry Potter is written with depth and significance. The jokes in PJ are pathetic and can make laugh only 7-year- old child. The monsters and level of their intelligence is so pitiful that makes you sick. H.P is created for more mature reader. The first books (1,2) are (I admit) written in a childish way (but way better and mature than PJ) but later on they become darker what's incredible. I also reckon that P.J. Is quite based on H.P. I know generally is differnt. P.J- greek mitology H.P- magic, wizards etc. But both books has main male character who's brave and comes to completely new world than he has known before , also he has to save the world. He has friends - smart girl who's wise and sensible and has brilliant ideas and funny boy who jokes and everything. It seems that R. Riordan found out that H.P series had turned out to be unbelievably successful so he decided to write his own books based on similiar schema. That's the truth. You may not see it because you're so in love with P.J and just you're blind or you simply have grow up.

  • I love both books, but I think Harry Potter is better.

    I am a HUGE Percy Jackson fan, but Harry Potter is a lot deeper, and much more in depth with characters. Also, I didn't feel that anything was rushed in the Harry Potter series, which I find cool, swing the development of characters over 7 years. But overall, they are both AMAZING series, despite differences.

  • Percy Jackson all the way!

    I have reed the books 7 times and cry each time when someone dies I love me next series and cry of joy when I get a new book ! It's amazing
    Thought when I read the Harry potter book you can feel that j.K Rowling has been bored and that she says hey why not kill that character there is to much explains to do so whatever but in Percy Jackson series you are meant to be there you can see it is as if you were there known the caracters all your life ,So Percy Jackson is part of my life I stared reading when I was 9 and now I am 14 I just can t get enough of it ! I love the funny titles the jokes the existent the en

  • Harry Potter is much better.

    The argument is self explanatory. Which book series has had more readers, more people buying the books and also which book series has been made into a more successful movie series? The answer to all of them is the Harry Potter books by J,K. Rowling. There is no more proof needed to show that they are better than the Percy Jackson.

  • Well Harry potter is better I also like percy Jackson but it cannot beat Harry potter

    Well when I first started reading percy Jackson it was interesting from the first chapter but when I started reading Harry potter it was boring in the first chapter. But I think Harry potter is more realistic which makes it interesting. Even adults love Harry potter books. I am not saying that Percy Jackson books are not good but it cannot defeat Harry potter. It is actually is your choice which book you like, My opinion is Harry potter. What is yours? Thank you

  • Well Harry potter is better I also like percy Jackson but it cannot beat Harry potter

    When I started reading Percy Jackson it was interesting from the first chapter but when I started reading Harry potter it was boring in the first chapter but I think Harry potter books are more realistic which makes it interesting. Even adults love Harry potter. I am not saying percy Jackson is bad but Harry potter is better. But actually it's yours choice which book you like Harry potter is my opinion, What is yours? Thank you

  • No no no no no Harry Potter for ever

    As much as I like Percy, Harry Potter has much more of the elements of structure and it is much better planned out. And as they are funny, Percy Jackson is predictable and it just goes on and on. Harry Potter also just has more emotion to it and overall Harry is the winner

  • You can't compare harry potter with percy jackson

    The harry potter series have a certain element of surprise in the storyline and other things that don't get the reader bored unlike percy jackson . The story line in percy jackson is so predictable i got bored after reading the first book. Also I believe Hermione and Ron are more loyal to harry than annabeth and Grover. Percy isint really that close to his friends . And besides more people know about harry potter just ask a random person in the street if they have heard of harry potter there answer will be 'yes' unlike Percy jackson . Rick riorden is a great writer but his talents are nothing compared to Jk Rowling.

  • HP is better

    Don't get me wrong, I understand why people like Percy Jackson but Riordan ruined it. In HP J.K Rowling describes the setting beautifuly setting the atmosphere but Riordan adds unfunny humour when not needed. Also HP made me feel deeper emotions and had amazing quotes. PJO? Nah. Also, most PJO characters are perfect. I mean come on. Even their fatal flaw is something like 'loyalty'. Really? HP characters had real flaws, real problems I could relate to, in my opinion.

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