• Yes of course

    It’s certainly a reasonable question, as White nationalists in general answer a resounding “No!” to that question. But even they are funny. Stormfront threw out 300 Armenians on the grounds that they were non-White. They have a Pan-Europeanist policy, which is one of the few noble things about that site.

    Recently there a lot of Iranians on the site, and though Iranians are not specifically cited as either White or non-White by Stormfront, there has been a hands-off policy about them, and the Stormfronters are letting the Iranians in with little discussion about the issue.

    Iranians are funny people. In 1978, I drove an ice cream truck for a living. There were a bunch of Iranians were who driving trucks too. We were all sort of budding capitalists. You lease the truck every day, buy your ice cream, mark it up, and hope for the best. A lot of us supplemented our incomes. The Iranians were very good at this, selling joints for $1 each mostly to the many Mexicans in the parks of Santa Ana (Santa Ana was a heavily Mexican city even 30 years ago).

  • The race is white, though many have semi-dark skins

    Iranians are from Aryan people and are not Arabs or Africans. They are considered white because they are Caucasians and their skin colors, depending on the region of living, ranges from very bright in the northwestern part of Iran to brown in the South. Kurds, Turks, Lors and Persians of Isfahan and Yazd are all white. Jusr see Pr. Rouhani's face in Google Images.

  • Look at the DNA.

    I believe DNA would prove that. I could give you some link to an article that would support it, but you should look it up for yourself and find out. I think you should also look into what Persians/Iranians contributed to humanity during the Persian Empire. Judaism is based off Zoroastrianism. I think you will also find that one interesting. Though some would like you to believe it is up for debate on the timeline. But, I believe it to be true.

  • Most of them are white

    No, Iranians are mostly white. Only in the south east and south of iran, they are looking like Pakistanian and African or Arab people. I was for a meeting in Tehran. All the people I met there were white. But, one of them brought me Bosharh in the south of iran. It was so hot, and all the people there were black. So, I say most of the Iranians are white. And I even saw red hair men and women there, or blonde.

  • Persians are Indo-European

    Persians are, while culturally not European, linguistically and genetically related to the people we call "White". Linguistically, their language, Farsi, is Indo-European and thus closely related to English, Latin, Greek and most other languages of Europe, which becomes obvious when you consider such Farsi words as "setare" (star) or "madær" (mother). Genetically, Persians sport many "white" features, such as blue or green eyes or light hair and akin.

  • Are Iranians white?

    I have met many Iranians and they are all white. Do they have black? They might but so do the majority of all the other nationalities. People who ask that question should look themselves in the mirror All I know is that the majority of Iranians that I know are far more intelligent than the average American. So get a life! I suggest people look in the mirror and evaluate themselves first.

  • Yes, Iranians are white, but some can be darker than others.

    My father and his family are VERY white but pureblood Persians, born and bred there. My grandmother had red curly hair and pale skin, as does my aunts and uncles, including my dad. My dad looks like a replica of the Blackhawks coach and he's the same or lighter than most Europeans I know. That's my dads family. My mother is a Colombian Sicilian mix, darker than my father, so I am in between, still pretty white but not as white as my dad with neutral warm skin tone. My brother takes after the Persian side like me with big nose, and thick hair. Though my mom has dark black hair, and tan skin my dad has red highlights and brown hair. My brother looks like a stereotypical Iranian only because of my mom who's not even middle eastern, taking after my moms tan skin and black hair but with Iranian facial structure. My dad and I though are usually thought to be Jewish because of our big noses or polish so /: the stereotype that Iranians have dark skin and black straight hair is not true. Look at our family then see if you still have the same opinion.

  • Iranians are White Caucasian.

    Fact 1 the facial construct of Iranians is most definitely the same as most Europeans. Further, look at the late singer Freddy Mercury. He was Iranian descent. He was very light and passed for just as European as his band mates. In fact I had no clue of his descent until after his death.

  • Yes we are white people

    I am Iranian and I see myself white, So this is my reason.
    Every Iranian person that is placed in a western country also changes towards better skin tone and even better look!
    It Seems that food and weather of that countries have an effect on Iranian people living there.
    Also wealthy people got better day by day (unfortunately) and other people got a little yellow over recent years. I think this is because of west's sanctions towards Iran. We have a phrase from ancient days that says: My yellowness from you, Your redness from me, That currently forgotten and actually turned to its opposite .

  • Iranians are white, which is simple fact. But what difference does it make!

    Iranians are Indo-European Aryan. Iranian came from Aryan race. It is what it is. Read history and will get yourself educated. However what differece it makes if you are black, white, red, or....... Really? There are plenty of white murderers and serial killers. It does not make you Superior. Why would you care to be white anyway. I wish I had olive skin and did was not white like a ghost.

  • No wayyyyy Arabs and Iranians are basically of North Indian descent

    Iranians are Arabs and Arabs are of North Indian descent that's why punjabis look like Arabs and Iranians in a way and Pakistanis are Arabs but of North Indian descent.. Iran is the #1 country of plastic surgery in the world. Some claim to be white but it's not true most wear colored contacts lighten their skin and dye their hair. I'm a natural iranian girl with jet black hair dark brown eyes almost black and dark fair skin long arab nose and dark eye feautures similar to Indians and Pakistanis are Arabs..

  • Iranians are wannabe whites pathetic

    I've been to Iran and they do not look white, some maybe a little fairer than say east Indians but they don't look European at all they look like arabs and they dress and their culture and speak farming and are Muslims...White Europeans look completely different. At my schoolbthere are some persians who claim they are white but don't look it and people all laugh behind their backs...It's actually sad that these people are so hungry to be white it's pathetic.

  • If you have to ask, the answer is NO.

    They are by now far too mixed with Arab and African to possibly be considered European. That's stretching it far too thin. They are closer to East Indians, who also claim to be European. But whose next, sub Saharians.
    Europeans are;French, German, English Irish, Russian, Scottish, Northern Italian, Scandinavian
    Slavic , East Indains now insist upon classification as white. The Egyptians petitioned for that status and paid a fee. Petition granted. Same thing with southern Italians back in the 1930'. European s already think so called whites here in the US is a joke. Funnier by the day.
    Because there are obvious phenotypical and biological differences , historical migratory patterns notwithstanding. If your skin is ivory, brown or black and/or If your hair has tight curls or friz you are probably not German.
    Rule of thumb. If you actually have to ask if a person is white, the answer is NO.

  • No they are not white at all.

    White are people from EUROPE and persians are not from europe they are from the asian country of Iran which is in the middle east. They probably think they would like to be called white but they are not considered WHITE by WHITE people. They are not white. From a white woman 400 years in canada!!

  • No and proud not to be

    In all North African, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and East Indian areas you get people who are very dark, people who are tanned, people who are olive and people who are light. The climates in these area and also the historical mixing in these areas has led to the diversity in skin colours and features. For example you get many Indians who are tall fair and have sharp features and long noses. Does this make them European? No it just means shares common features with Europeans but they are still Asian.

  • Persians are not fucking white get over yourselves, jesus!!!!

    I've had a ton of Persian friends before and one thing they all have in common is they all think they're as white as fucking snow when only the opposite is true. They think they're Aryan or some shit when every persian I've ever met is darker than any Paki I've met. I've met far more white Arabs than Persians, but you don't have Arabs screaming their white.

  • No, we are not white.

    If you look at where Iran is, we are not near Europe or America.

    We are also not all white, we are more of a tan colour. Half of the people saying yes have probably not even looked at a map before.

    I live in Norway and people always ask me where I'm from, that does not happen to any of my other ''white'' friends. I'm not even dark-skinned, I'm tan.

    Long ago we got praise for having fir skin and would die for just being more fair. That probably explains you some shit.

  • 2 millenniums of mixing with other ethnic groups .

    Like it or not,iranians and north indians inc pakistanis came from from a common ancestor and branched off. Sanskrit and persian have a very close historical association. The word aryan belongs to india as much as it does to iran. Having said that,the iranians look down on anyone with darker skin.

  • Southern States in the US

    If they were in the southern states of the US 150 years ago, people would look at them funny and probably try to capture them and tranport them tpo work on the railroad or on plantations. Although there was a major character in the play Oklahoma! That took place in those times that had a Persian character constantly pestering a white chick to go out with him. Even in 1950 when the play started running, that wouldn't have flown in the Southern states if whites there weren't more accepting of them than most other peoples.

  • My motehr is not.


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kurosh says2014-10-24T17:07:48.757
I live in iran. Iranian are Caucasus people who lived in West of Russia 7000BC and When the weather was too cold People migrated to other lands.Some people came to Iran.Iran Iran was a nice place for persian.There's Forests Mountains Sea and Plain for Agriculture.Iran had mild weather.Then persian are European people out of Europe.So persians are white Exactly Like the people of Europe. But few arabs live in south of iran they are black.They are not persians and persians are not arab.Persians cant speak arabic and dont Understand arabic Language.65% of persians are muslim other are Zarathustra.Mostly are muslim but they are not arab.Islam is a The most complete Religion And for all the people.Religion of kindness and justice.The only book that does not change And this is the will of God.

Pictures of persians





suppakappa says2016-08-09T08:50:47.760
Wtf?, where are Western EU on map of ancestors of r1a1a? Western EU are R1B...

Being Caucasian doesn't at all make you white, Caucasian is a bone group NOT A RACE!