Are pets just animals with Stockholm Syndrome?

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  • When I first

    Bring a pet home, they are restless little beasts. The only time they don't act like they don't want to be there is if they are towards the end of their life. Even little animals act a little crazy. Well, maybe they aren't, but I do not actually know for sure.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Speciesism. Humans uber alles.

    Pets are dependent to varying degrees, But ultimately need their human captors. Do the captors see pets as a nominalist or essentialist, Or. . . ? They are ultimately speciesists, Humans uber alles. “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, Or women created for men. This is the gist of Ms. Spiegel’s cogent, Humane and astute argument, And it is sound. ” Alice Walker’s preface to Marjorie Spiegel’s 1988 book, “The Dreaded Comparison” Well. . . Pets were made for humans, But should they have made them? IMO, No, Because I am not a speciesists. I hope for and work towards a world where slaughterhouses are gone and “pets” are obsolete as well.

  • Domestication is slavery

    People use the argument that dogs have been domesticated for a long time. Think about the word domestication. At some point in history, We captured them out of the wild, Put them in cages, Separate them from their children, And started at the cycle of ownership. We own the dog. We own the puppy. How is this different than slavery? Some dog owners are very proud that they've rescued their dogs. Rescued from what? Other humans keeping them in cages against their will? All that's happened is the dog has changed owners.

  • Imagine if pets were human

    Being a pet is like growing up not being let outside and not being allowed to socialize with anyone in the outside world unless you were under strict supervision from your parent. And you are never allowed to leave. No pet is born into the world emotionally attached to humans. It is a bond that grows with time, Except that bond is also forced because said pet is not allowed any independance

  • I agree with this for mainly dogs

    We feed them, tell them when they are allowed to go outside and teach them basic things that they wouldn't already know. We are such a large part of their lives however they are only a fraction of ours. Therefore they would naturally because obsessed with us and we quite literally control their lives, like what happens with captors in real life with humans.

  • Domestication = Domination

    Dogs 100% .. Cats ehh not so much, they do what they want .. Like someone said before "dogs are just wolves with Stockholm Syndrome" .. Be realistic, the modern breeds of dogs are pretty useless in terms of the relationship between man and wolf many years before, but somewhere down the line of having a symbiotic relationship, us humans decided to assert full domination over our canine brethren and turned them into .. Well .. These Down Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome creatures we have today ..

  • Not sure, confused

    Am confused and on the fence on this one... I'd hate to say 'yes.' (Actually, I've pondered this question/issue for a while and ever since I've started my dog search some 10 yrs ago. My ideas in incomplete paragraph and out of order...: I believe ?? That dogs have been taken out of their will, away from their canine family, but not too early. They seem a bit passive early on, but, then again, they're like pack animals, following man's or the alpha male's lead. As pets, they seem loving, even gracious. Their facial expressions, though, may not show much. As a pet owner, I feel glad to have them with me, but also a little guilty for taking dog away from his family and for him to live solely/sololy with humans; in fact, it could be a little self-ish of me to keep him. (I am an animal activist.) But, it's fun. I will always shower my dog with attention, respect and with a similar unconditional love he would give me. We may never know what a dog is truly thinking, but we could always make his/her stay and home the most pleasant one!

  • I do not think dogs have Stockholm Syndrome.

    When we first pet dogs they seem to like it, right? They come to us and follow us. Dogs can easily run away so if they didn't like the environment they'd leave, in which some cases they do. We love our pets so please be nice to them and enjoy their company.

  • God I hope not.

    I love my animals and for the most part I think they love me too. The exception being my hamster, he just kinda sits there and does nothing and shows no kind of love or hate. All of my other animals though love me, my goats, chickens, dogs/cats, rabbits, horses, they all are full of joy when my family and I are around them. So if there is even a chance that this is true, it would break my heart.

  • They Choose to Stay

    They don't exactly care either way. If they did, they would probably run off, which some do. But you can not say the ones that stay have Stockholm syndrome, because they do not initially develop hatred when first domesticated as a person would. Also Harley Quinn is bae. That's all.

  • No, Just No.

    There is a drastic difference between domestication and Stockholm Syndrome. Domestication is an adaptation of animals to be beneficial to humans. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where captives sympathize and identify with their captors, creating an illusion that your captor is treating you with kindness, rather than abuse. At worst, pets are animals obeying in order to survive; at best, pets are animals in symbiotic relations with humans.

  • This Makes No Sense

    I have a cat that still goes outside regularly and hunts. Sure, some animals may appear to chage their behavior after being domesticated, but I wouldn't classify this as a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Animals can learn to re-adapt to the wild if need be. Animals are just very flexible.

  • Some but not most.

    Dogs are definitely not and cats do what they want. Other more exotic animals possibly. The last theory I am aware of that explains how dogs came to be goes like this. Certain wolves wether they where just less aggressive or weaker than other wolves began feeding off the scraps our ancestors left behind and eventually became accustom to humans even protective of them being that humans are there food source. Humans began to see the wolves as useful first for protection then for other purposes. A symbiotic relationship evolved the dog gets a stable food supply and the human gets protection among other things. Cats are likely a similar story, human settlements attracted rodents which then attracted small cat species. The rodents became a problem getting into the food supplies, humans therefore didn't mind cats living among them after all theses where not large cats capable of doing much of any harm to humans. Eventually humans became fond of them while still giving them freedom to hunt. Some people even thought them to be sacred. So as far as cats and dogs are concerned no but pets like lizard snakes and birds yes they are in a way.

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