Are pharmaceuticals hiding the cure to cancer?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • Cancer is Big Big Business!

    Why nobody till now doesn't understand or read something powerful on behind us hundred years before us, of course, God has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease, so treat yourselves medically, but use nothing unlawful!

    I say if a disease exists so cure also exist before the disease! I not a Muslim but I read the Quran I suggest anyone read this book and the system food of property Muhammad, it's my research for a long time believe me or not, Muhammad is hell genius!

  • I think so

    The reason I say yes is because. Look at our society and where it is in terms of solving a giant 'breakthrough in medical. People might have already found the cure to cancer and the reason it hasn't come out is because pharmacy is a business too. The money that comes from these cure the cancer fundraisers are huge. Enough to make anyone rich beyond the wildest dreams.

  • That would be impossible

    If someone had the cure to cancer it couldn't be hidden. Even if legal action was threatened, it's the cure to cancer and everyone would be protesting for Obama to pardon the person. The person would post instructions online all over the internet if necessary. Something that great couldn't be hidden in this day and age.

  • This conspiracy theory has been around for quite a while.

    And it's also quite ridiculous, the logic simply doesn't add up, and those who claim it does know nothing about how pharmaceutical companies or medical labs work.

    Attempting to cure a specific illness is an enormously collaborative effort, much like any other discovery, when one person or group finds out, almost ALL the groups do. If a cure was indeed found, it wouldn't be "secret" for very long.

    Speaking of specific illnesses, cancer isn't singular. People think the cure for "cancer" is some sort of blanket, when in reality each type is it's own monster to contend with, and must be combated under different circumstances with different weapons. To think a blanket solution to such a diverse problem is possible is ignorant at best.

    The claim is often made in reference to some sort of profit being made by these companies, and the thinking behind this is poor. If a company invents medicine that removes cancer, they have a patent on it for a many number of years and would probably make BILLIONS of dollars in their first quarter in just our country alone. To suggest these companies aren't taking advantage of this, (knowing full well another company could at any moment), is conspiracy theory logic, which is akin to nonsense.

    These companies also spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on drugs they hope will fight cancer. If their sole motivation for suppressing a drug is greed, why spend so much to test the drug in the first place? (Discounting the fact that a vast majority of organizations that search for a cure are non-profit.)

    What about other country's medical infrastructure? Why would the UK or Canada care about US interests? They aren't making a profit from hiding these drugs, and would patent a cure, denying our apparently monolithic, evil, greedy empire of doctors from making their profits.

    No, the answer is much more simple. Cancer is incredibly diverse and complicated, and no amount of spirit-healing or snake oil will stop cancer, only medical science will.

    Despite what Alex Jones tells you, the fear mongering in this arena simply doesn't hold water, and should be laughed back into the illogical box it spilled out of.

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